Trump the Carpathian


“And, uh, incidentally, thanks for not making fun of my genitalia.”
―Montgomery Burns
"I thought I did."
―Marge Simpson


I promise to you right now that if ever StackSocial makes meat available through its shopping platform, I will set up Boing Boing Steaks, complete with me in Trump attire (I kind of have the hair already, but there’s more of it and it’s even gingerier) pointing at the steak like I know exactly where it’s going to end up


I so prefer the pic with the quotes from actual reviews…

Because I can’t tell if they’re talking about the stakes or The Donald himself.


Boing Boing Beef: at least it’s not Chipotle!


“The shrinkage is astonishing!”


God. I can’t unsee that!

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