Trump the Chump


Aide: President MAGA, a man in Guatemala is walking north!
President MAGA:







(“Government authorized” means that he authorized it.)




Mou always has the best Halloween jabs at Trump.





Donald Trump has a Doppelgänger, and she’s a Spanish potato farmer named Dolores Leis Antelo. She’s also known as “Señora Trump.”



What a coincidence! Trump can count to potato.


Donald Trump’s trip to France earned worse reviews than Battlefield Earth .



Trump Just Blurted Out, Unprompted, That He Installed His Pet Attorney General Over the Russia Probe


Did I just hear the sound of another Obstruction of Justice charge getting added to Mueller’s to-do list?


Thank you Daily Caller and Tucker Carlson, I guess.


And from the DC comments:


Reading the headline I thought they had a better scoop than that. Trump just free-associated on the department of justice for a few lines. He didn’t say anything like, “Whittaker will take care of it for me”.


From the Daily Caller interview, Trump reflects on finding meaning in the face of our inevitable mortality.

“…you know, cable television was supposed to be a dying medium. And because of me it’s now hotter than it’s ever been. But someday I won’t be here and it will die like you’ve never seen. And so will The New York Times — will die — and every one of them will just be dead.”


To borrow from a song of my youth:

Without me there’s nothing
I’m the only thing that dies


L’état, c’est moi.


L’univers, c’est moi.