Trump the Chump


I’d have thought it was more daddy issues, but hey!


With luck, once he’s gone, no one will remember to wake up the cheeto in chief in the morning.

Since March, Karem has been deputy assistant to the president and director of Oval Office operations. He is known as the president’s “body guy,” a personal aide who is the first White House official to see Trump in the morning and last to see him at night, tasked with keeping him on schedule and briefing him on upcoming meetings and events.

Nicholas Luna, the White House trip director, is the likely successor to Karem, the White House officials said.

“Body guy”? What’s wrong with perfectly respectable terms like manservant or batman?


No soup for trump


Whatever he’s called, I hope “writer of tell-all book” gets added on.


I saw the “New Yorker” tagline and just for a second thought “Could this possibly be real?” Which is exactly how the best sarcasm should be read.


Donald’s reaction is priceless.

Donald looks like a negative image trash panda in that shot.


Favorite things…


So, this is kinda weird. At Bush’s funeral, during the reading of the Apostle’s Creed (printed in the program) and singing of hymns, Trump and Melania just stood there. He didn’t just fumble along – he refused to participate at all. Your “evangelical” president, ladies and gentlemen.


Further evidence that he can’t read?


I suppose that’s one possibility. Another possibility is that he lied about his religiosity just like he lies about literally everything.


Could it be?


That’s what’s really weird; this isn’t about being ‘religious’ – I mean, Obama recited it from memory, so clearly he knows the single most-recited prayer in Christianity – it’s about literally just following the program of a funeral service along with every single other person in the venue, and he refused to do so. In the front row, on television.


Well, he is no Christian. Why fake it?

Evangelicals and Magaites will still support him.