Trump tweets crazy lies about NBC and Google Ads demonetizing far-right sites (they didn't)

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Waiting for Twitter to block that lying, dangerous, inciteful Tweet in 3, 2, 1…

Okay wait. 3, 2, 1…

Damn. Okay, 3, 2, 1…


Ironically, there was a MAGA ad right in the middle of the article.


Start at, like 10 million. Better yet, just recite the digits of pi. Once you reach the end they will have done something substantive.


which I am sure the editorial staff would not approve of.
@orenwolf since I am dumb and don’t bookmark these things what is that reporting link for stuff like this or would this just need to be passed on to you?


“President Brain Worms Donald Trump”
How could you slander us so?

Also…we prefer a monarchy, not a monkey-autocracy thank you.


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I mean why even bother to waste time with details

any day of the week, “trump did/said/tweeted something batshit crazy”

but he’s exactly the garbage as advertised, there are no surprises, the problem is the millions that voted to give him power, the millions that will vote -again- to continue that power to destroy this country in spite

He probably got his information from BoingBoing, in a post as it initially appeared on the 16th:

Lying is the defining behavior of Donald Trump’s life. He made people believe he was a billionaire by lying. He made people think he was a competent businessman by lying (with some help from the producers of “The Apprentice”). He lied himself into the presidency. He lies about every aspect of his job as president. He lies when it would be more convenient for him to tell the truth.

And come October (or sooner), Trump is going to tell The Big Lie that gets him reelected to a post for which he is less qualified than 90% of the people in the U.S. What will that lie be? Obviously, no one knows for sure, but the odds are that he will lie about having a COVID-19 vaccine that will be freely distributed to the U.S. population.

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That’s their success strategy. They’ve made it seem normal to do stupid shit that’s entirely against your own self interests in order to “tweak the libtards”. It turns out people will actually vote for an incompetent, stupid, lying, misogynistic, xenophobic, polluting, racist, bullying thief just because they think they’re somehow being funny, or sticking it to some democrat somewhere. That’s what assholes like Tucker do - they call themselves entertainment when they are “destroying the liberal agenda”.

The two-minutes hate was a great idea by Orwell; it just wasn’t nearly long enough. You gotta keep that shit on the air 24x7.

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