Trump urges North Carolina supporters to vote twice, which is a felony, as is urging someone to vote twice

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Enough pressure will burst a pipe.


YOU ARE NOW ASSURED THAT YOUR PRECIOUS VOTE HAS BEEN COUNTED, it hasn’t been “lost, thrown out, or in any way destroyed”. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Because, well, we’re going to lose, throw out, and destroy a LOT of mail-in votes… wink wink, nudge nudge…


AG Stein, I look forward to the charges you’re going to bring against the person using Twitter to incite North Carolina residents to commit voter fraud.


Next he’ll suggest you vote for your past relatives. What I don’t understand is how those in the same party say nothing and in essence support him. in subsidium absentia


Not sure if that is actually a problem. In Ohio, I think that if you sent in your vote by mail, you are still permitted to vote in person but you receive what is known as a ‘provisional’ ballot. Did I miss something here?


This is just how he distracts you from Biden’s campaign. It’s all just a joke to him. Of course locking him up would be a great punch line.


Yeah, I know this is at least semi-legit in many places. If you were sent a mail-in ballot but it hasn’t been received you can get a provision ballot. If your mail in ballot is received in time the provisional ballot is thrown out, otherwise it is counted. Maybe you aren’t supposed to do it deliberately, but it shouldn’t actually result in double voting and there are definitely cases where it is expected.


Yes, that’s pretty much correct.

If you’ve been issued a mail-in ballot and you show up to your polling place, there will be a little note next to your name that indicating you’ve been issued a vote-by-mail ballot. You can exchange your full mail-in ballot if you have it and recieve a new standard ballot which will be counted on-site, but if you don’t exchange your mail-in ballot, you are eligible to cast a provisional ballot, which will not be counted until after all vote-by-mail ballots have been counted (so they can ensure you only vote once). HOWEVER, on the provisional envelope, you usually have to declare under penalty of perjury that you’re not voting twice.

If Trump is trying to create a “red mirage” where election night results show him in the lead so he can declare victory before VBMs are counted, he’s doing it wrong. He should be telling his supporters to exchange their vote by mail ballots for standard ballots on election day, so they are counted on Election Night.


Is there someone out there somewhere keeping a running list of all of the laws that Twitler has broken?


This is why I am strapping on the N95 and the new KMFDM shirt I just ordered and going to vote in person.


Fuck this shit. Meanwhile a woman in Texas is facing 5 years for attempting to vote without knowing that as a former felon she was unable to vote. However now “our” President is encouraging people to attempt to commit voter fraud and allow the system to catch this attempt. Unfortunately for the woman in Texas although the system worked and her vote wasn’t counted she was still charged and convicted for not knowing she wasn’t allowed to vote. I am so sick of living in this fucked up country.




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Isn’t it that voting twice is a felony, and urging people to vote twice is a felony (or should be?)

Somewhat related, I got email last week from the National Congress of American Indians about the need for poll workers. We missed the official day for the push (the submission form here misdirects), but`

Is the organization behind the push (or maybe there are other groups with the same purpose).

As they say, it even pays. So yiu do good, and get some money.

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Here’s a good first order approximation.

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Yeah, lock him up…lock him up!*

*Good luck with that. :roll_eyes:


In Oregon we use universal vote by mail. After mailing in my ballot I can log onto a website ( to make sure my vote was received and counted. We don’t have polling places or poll workers. All of our votes are counted on election night. Somehow we felt our way through the haze of pot smoke and figured this shit out long ago.

Fuck, our Secretary of State is a Republican Trump supporter and our voting system is still just ticking along.


I hear there was already a series of micro-fractures.

I’m a Texas election judge. If NCs processes are anything like ours, what he’s hoping to do here is slow voting to a crawl, create longer lines, and create the impression that “there’s something wrong” with the voting process. It will also delay results, possibly by days since each provisonal vote must be examined by a board. All of which benefit his strategy. (He has a strategy in much the same way a ficus has a resource optimization strategy.)


One can only hope that that “pipe” is a significant cerebral vessel…

(and sure, this post is directly wishing harm on someone who’s at least theoretically human, but F-it. His idiocy and BS has led to a yuuge number of American fatalities.)