Trump-voting states are experiencing new Covid cases at a much higher rate than Biden states


Also, keep in mind that Arizona is more or less blue in name only on that graphic.

I’ll probably see something from my employer about the new mask updates later today or tomorrow, if not a backwards slide.

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fix it for you (for NPR)…



Obviously the Chinese engineered a virus that can detect political preference! /s


I recently had to travel to North Carolina due to a death in the family (cancer, not COVID).

It was bit of shock. Even in the downtowns and small cities practically no one I ran into where it came up was Vaccinated. Even people I knew to be anti-Trump, or left wing. Educated and informed. A lot of them had just casually accepted misinformation. Like vaccination is unnecessary if you already had it or are young. That vaccination doesn’t keep you from getting sick anyway. There being some fictional “cheaper” treatment that was a better option. And even the whole magnetic thing.

Looks lik NC is in the middle of the pack. And it’s a purple ass state. But the amount of misinformation down there has undermined everything.

It’s also pretty telling that NY is at the top here. Despite the fact that we’ve bungled nearly every aspect of handling the pandemic. And started from a low bar of pretty much the worse on every metric.


And we can count on the parasitic rabble-rousing Republican politicians to seize the opportunity to spread conspiracy theory that the Democrats created the pandemic to target the “righteous God-lovin’ Americun people.”

If they haven’t already.


Only on Earth. If you’re on the moon, by all means - feel free to take off your mask!


3… 2… 1…


Looking at the county-level map, I don’t think this means what everyone thinks it means. There are a lot of densely populated, urban counties in the “high” category, and those areas are not predominantly GQP supporters. Look at Fulton County, GA; Maricopa County, AZ; Harris and Travis counties in Texas. These are predominantly “Blue” counties with high minority populations.

If you think that this is about the GQP killing off their own voters, you may have missed who is really suffering here. Almost always, it is vulnerable people who take the brunt of disasters in the US.


Cheaper than “Free, with Prizes and Gift Cards with Every Shot”?

They sound like they expect an awful lot from their health-care professionals.

Do landlords and banks pay them to live in their homes? Do stores pay them to take those pesky goods out of the store?


Not to mention San Francisco, Los Angeles County, Sacramento County, Hawaii County, and a number of other relatively affluent counties in solidly blue states that are currently in the “high” category. It would be unwise to go unmasked in public indoor settings no matter where you are right now.


That’s what I said.

I got a lot about how vaccine companies are getting rich/up to something, insurance and governments paying thousands per shot. And something about a cheap antibiotic that works better and can be sold for pennies.

And that was from some one who was not only vaccinated, but had been all but first in line and was still regularly wearing a mask and yelling at others for not getting vaccinated.

Like I said it was weird. Even sensible people who were doing the right thing were on the whole soaked in misinformation.


an older meme , perhaps , yet still valid
see also the alarming sparsity of birds with regard to this meme


Was just looking it up, seems… charming (Tom Cotton will make you think that). It’s median household income in dollars is the same as Ireland’s in Euro but I figure if you go for PPP you can buy a lot more for your dollar in Arkansas than you can for your euro in Ireland. Particularly housing costs which are astronomical here.

So poverty is a government choice rather than lack of money. I mean it always is of course. Just not always your government.


Covid doesn’t care for political views, it effects all…

the government is using it to target Republican voters

It doesn’t even need to, if republicans are avoiding restrictions they’ll get infected more often…

If this didn’t have knock-on effects for other people i’d just laugh, but this is not funny :frowning:


Yeah. That last part. I know a handful of hospital workers who caught COVID last summer from patients, got vaccinated as soon as it was available, and have now caught the Delta variant as a breakthrough infection. It’s not as bad as the initial infection, but it’s going to have long-term effects and they know it. :frowning:


Certainly, but the densely populated blue-leaning areas in red states seem to be doing even worse than their counterparts in blue states thanks to the policies and enforcement from their state governments.


Making Americans Deader Again…


I can’t prove but suspect that a lot of the HI new cases are coming in with or being generated from people flying from the mainland. Sadly, returning residents included, but most of the people who refuse to wear masks are tourists.