Trump White House suspends credentials for CNN's Jim Acosta UPDATE: Sanders uses Prison Planet video as "proof"


I assume “hit” is jargon for some type of on-camera appearance, but choosing to use it in the tweet above seems sub-optimal.



FDR’s overall relationship with the press was a bit different than Trump’s, no?


“Dammit, I’ve got a job to do.”


Or like she is an intern who has just been asked to grab a microphone from away from a prominent reporter on live TV.


No… If we want to support actual women then we need to slam down hard on pieces of shit who use women when it’s convenient and then blame women for those lies.


typically I’d say “this is how the end begins” but we’ve been on the final chapter for awhile now and everyone is just sitting back and watching like everything is fine (reminds me of that meme with the burning house “this is fine”)

so everyone is proud of the house but you know what the senate was a devastating loss and it’s not gerrymandered so we can’t blame that, 2020 is going to be a slaughter based on that

this country has a selfish, hate, problem and people are voting to continue that in droves


see he should have asked about the caravan


We’ve been wringing our collective hands about ‘constructed’ videos entering the mainstream news for a few years now. I don’t think anybody expected the White House to be the source. How the world has changed…


The bigger story than Acosta IMO is that the government is releasing doctored videos as proof of an accusation. This should be the lead on every news program. The Trump administration is fabricating evidence.



I never thought gaslight could be so intense - the Trumphouse’s rewriting of the record is practically an arc lamp.


If Acosta had ‘grabbed her by the pussy’ - then that would ‘only be locker room talk’.


If by a few years you mean 35.

The Battle of Orgreave was infamous partly because the BBC cut the video to make it look like it started by miners attacking the cops. Every other news source showed it was the other way round.


What the video shows is that the WH staffer assaulted Costa. She should be charged.


A lot of good takes on this. And we all know why they sent a young, female intern to grab the mic. They wanted the optics if Acosta resisted at all. They wanted the “man assaults woman” story to go their way. Spin out a doctored video that shows it out of context, makes it look more aggressive, and your base eats it up. Doesn’t matter if we all know what really happened. Doesn’t matter if we think Trump is a jackal, or even for those of us who think Acosta might have been pushing too hard (note: he’s a journalist, I expect them to push hard, it’s why I’d never be able to do that job, being that aggressive isn’t in my nature). What matters is they pushed for the optics they wanted. What matters is this is now consuming news cycles instead of the bigger picture: Trump got his ass handed to him in the Congressional races, lost a bunch of state governorships and state houses, and the GOP is faltering. That’s what they DON’T want their base thinking about.


Kee-rhist, even in the sped-up video you can tell he’s not intentionally hitting her, he’s gesticulating at Trump and her arm gets in the way. They must have come up with the “chopping” excuse after Prison Planet made the video, and they saw an out.


I’m sorry, but Acosta is under no obligation to let the president get away with demonizing one political party in a way that has already resulted in someone attempting to kill just over a dozen people… he’s calling the press that does anything other than fully accept whatever he says as gospel truth as “the enemy of the people.” Someone NEEDS to push back on this.


I’m starting to realize that actually a lot of people don’t think everything is fine, probably the majority. That’s what’s scary and why it’s scary… what the fuck do you do when the allowed methods for doing things have been cut off? If people don’t figure it out there’s going to be a lot more death and poverty before the big wave of death and poverty sweeps through and it becomes a question of whether there will be a US after and in what capacity. All I ever wanted in life was to live in boring uneventful times… damn that ship circled the world twice by now and went down somewhere in the Pacific sometime in 2017.


We’re all looking at the Justice Department like “WELL?! Do something!”

But I am pretty sure that was never going to happen in the first place.

Every Friday/weekend night now for the rest of the year is going to be rather nervous.


I suppose you can argue about whether he bumped her or not, but why? It is immaterial! Il Douche is out and proud in his autocratic rule now, and will get much much worse before this is done. Furthermore, as soon as you point to doctored evidence to prove your point, you have lost. I am actually glad to see the press challenging His Assness more. They have treated him with far too much deference for far to long.


Perhaps more appropriate for Trump: