Trump White House suspends credentials for CNN's Jim Acosta UPDATE: Sanders uses Prison Planet video as "proof"


This :top: is the best explanation I read of the story.


I wasn’t aware of that event. Thank you for pointing it out.

I would like to say there’s a huge difference between a news source fabricating evidence to support their agenda, and the fucking government doing it.

Fox News has been bullshit for decades. Now the White House is jumping in the cesspool. Sure, they belly flopped this time, but next time they might pull it off. And does anyone doubt there will be a “next time”?


oxyhydrogen flame

A form of gas lighting?


I saw the original video and found it fascinating. Usually you need a decent magnifying glass to see a snowflake melting like that.


And now that poor intern is forced to struggle with daily tasks, such as swiping her card at the gas pump:


And showing her photo ID to buy groceries.


People here a forgetting a little that the doctored video is being sent and retweeted by folks to whom who would be gullible to little editing tricks like that. For every 10 people who didn’t fall for that, there’s at least 2 who did. To folks who would fall for things like the crappily edited together political commercials sent out by the GOP with the cheaply licensed spooky music and stock footage of riots in europe to attack their opposition. The conservatives are starting to rely on similar tactics used by phone scammers and con artists that target the elderly.

It’s just sickening.


I’m sickened right now.


Washing dishes the other night, I was thinking about the “shoot a man on 5th avenue” quote. I had, up until then, only interpreted this as intentional hyperbole, a-la “I could do whatever unpopular thing, and still get support,” and laughed darkly when people write or say that his supporters are so crazy, he probably could. But got a unique chill when it occurred to me that it’s not that his supporters would support cold-blooded murder, it’s that the Trump camp would find just enough thin-ass reasoning and propaganda for them to genuinely believe the shooting was justified. There is now a dead serious part of me waiting for him to find an excuse to shoot a man on 5th avenue, just to “fulfill a campaign promise.”


“Never quarrel with a man who buys ink by the barrel.”


Never quarrel with a man who owns a pig farm.


What horse shit from trump and HukSanders. They are literally making fake news.


Serious question: can Jim Acosta / CNN sue for libel?

His literal first amendment rights were taken away and he’s being accused of assault, with an easily-debunked doctored video presented by our government as evidence.

I know Trump’s favorite game is “screw it, let’s take it to court”, but this seems like a tailor-made libel suit.


More importantly, this is an outright violation of the 1st Amendment.



This wasn’t backtalk or mere evasion, though—the enfant terrible in the room lost his patience (no great loss), had Acosta’s pass revoked, and then a White House official circulated manipulated video which depicts something which did not happen over the event.

When did FDR ever do anything comparable to that? Because I think that the dunce cap comment falls short in several ways.

But is your sentiment about Acosta is even relevant? Not sure when it would be. Certainly not here or now.

I am not entertained by this. More chilled.


What, no! That only happens when twitter censors right wingers! Everyone know that! /s


I thought the First Amendment said that I wasn’t allowed to disagree with right-wingers?

Or maybe that I had to listen to them, for the sake of society.


Both, both, it says both! After all, we MUST interpret the Constitution based on what the founders meant at the time, not in the context that makes the most sense today… and since the founders were all white, slave owners who were rather rich, we know that they were all conservatives evangelical Christians, and we know that they meant the first amendment to ONLY apply to white, Christian men who hold conservative views! /s


Somewhere, somehow, Joseph Djugashvili looked down, saw that footage, and smiled.


he’ll have an INTERN shoot the guy