Trump wouldn't condemn white supremacists in first presidential debate, said to racist groups, 'stand back and stand by'

I’m a hardened Debian user, and I feel bad about RHEL possibly getting associated with this crap and possibly having to give up on their long standing logo and name. I’ve already had friends take their old school RedHat hats and put them in their desk drawer so no one gets the wrong idea.

This timeline sucks.


I dunno what “his people” say, but Trump himself doesn’t give a shit about changing people’s minds. He’s determined to retain power, and if he figures telling Nazis to stand by and ignoring the outcome of an election is how he’ll stay in power, that’s what he’ll do. If pretending he was gay, marrying a man, and encouraging Ivanka to have an abortion would have kept him in power he would have done that. Hell, if joining the Revolutionary Communist Party would keep him in the grifter’s seat, he’d do that too. The man (or rather, creature) is incapable of caring for or about anyone but himself. We’ve seen how many loyal bootlickers he’s discarded when he’s done with them. He figures there are plenty more suckers (i.e. most of the Republican party) ready when he needs them to support his egomania. Maybe he’s right. “Well, we’ll just have to see.”


All of those things are true about him. But if he didn’t care what people thought - he wouldn’t have been there.


A quick reminder of who Trump was courting tonight


I want to second KathyPartdeux here. I think we can pretty confidently say that he does care about changing people’s minds and he thinks he’s really good at it. Remember: why did he take all the interviews with Bob Woodward? Because he thought he could sweet talk Woodward and get a positive book released. I’m pretty sure he genuinely believed he didn’t need to prep at all and he could waltz in and put on a performance that would put him up in the national polls. And that you’re also right, his main plan is to discredit the election and either sue his way into office or through encouraging domestic terrorism.

I also think he’s got narcissistic personality disorder with a side helping of sociopathy and psychopathy, and has a blind spot a million miles wide with regard to who he can win over and how to do it. He didn’t learn a damn thing from the Bob Woodward book and he never will. This is also why I’m generally optimistic it won’t work: he’s too incompetent to actually pull this off because he’s going for the look rather than the substance, and no one is doing that work for him.

But we’ll just have to see. And everyone should be preparing for the things he’s saying out loud in the open, because even if it turns out alright, it’s going to be a rough ride.


We are NOT doing “Armed resistance or STFU” here.

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And Roger Stone is probably getting a trump tattoo tonight.

Don’t ask where.


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