Trumpcoin raises ire of Trump family

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I don’t get what they’re all up in arms about. Trump is a very common surname.


Eric’s just mad because it’s a scam that they don’t have their fingers in.

I think Trumpcoin has been around for little while, so if Eric is only noticing it now, maybe he was looking around to start REALTrumpCoin?


Oh yeah - you can bet they spent weeks looking for ways to make money off this, and once they realized they had no foothold, they resorted to the lawyers.


Or this is all WWE-style theatrics to generate sizzle for Trumpcoin, with some private deals behind the scenes.


NOW TFG et al will be sorry they didn’t think of this idea themselves!


You know that’s why they’re really mad; someone else beat them to this scam…


Seems that the words “Fraud Alert” should be appended to all of the trump Klan’s tweets.


From their website… Are we sure he’s not involved. This is the same crap in those fundraising emails he keeps sending me.

Financial Support. We are asking that each and every Patriot node operator and coin staker contribute 1% to 10% of their TrumpCoin rewards to the below wallet address. This is for continuation of development and additions to other exchanges. These funds will be managed by the coin operations team.

  1. Financial support for the Patriots we recognize and track. These people and groups have given of themselves in many ways and it’s our goal to help them in any way possible. This financial support includes donations of any cryptocurrency as well as TrumpCoins.

  2. Operational expenses for website hosting and email services.

  3. Listing fees for exchanges that offer TrumpCoins for sale.

  4. Costs of block explorers and blockchain monitors.

  5. Support fees for various social media managers for chat boards, Facebook, etc.
    Support Other Patriots by Donating Your Trumpcoin!!!

We stand firm against leftist groups and intimidation. Patriots have sacrificed their time, energies, careers, families and their lives for the good of all people.

The TrumpCoin Patriots are united in exposing the wrongdoings of their elected officials, stand firm against attacks on liberties and promote a sense of pride in their countries constitutional freedoms or the freedoms that people worldwide so richly deserve.Watch our great video to understand what we are talking about! They want the truth told and written, corruption and evil politicians exposed. They want criminals brought to justice and abhor corrupt governments and tyrannical dictators. Patriots like the ones below will be recognized as heroes.





Whoaaa. . . he’s saying “crypto is a fraud”?

(waits for yet another crypto market crash.)


Yes, many things.


Good luck with that Eric. The scammers will have made their money and moved on by the time the lawyers are engaged - and what will they do about it, anyways? The Trumps have no relevant trademark, so they got nothing, and good luck pinning down the people responsible. Forget it Eric, it’s NFT-town.

Also an English word, too.

100%. And, insult to injury, it’s running one the same sort of scams they’ve been running to fleece Trump’s base.

They’re directly copying the Trumps’ grift. That’s why the Trumps are so pissed.

Nah, he’s saying that any crypto that isn’t explicitly their crypto is a fraud. I have no doubt the Trump family were trying to launch their own version of this, but hadn’t figured out how to do it yet/hadn’t figured out how to maximize the grift.


Being classic flim-flammers I wouldn’t be surprised if Eric got a bunch cheap and this is his way of driving up the price before unloading them. Not that you’d see his name on any receipts, of course.


You may have something there:

Price ticking up today from, basically, rock bottom.


Brings back memories of Coinye!


Frankly, I’m disappointed. A bunch of trumpkins are going to lose money to these grifters, because that’s what cryptocurrencies are. Fine. The sad part is that it’s likely some other trumpkins are going to end up with that stolen money.

If someone’s going to steal from the right wing, they should at least remove the money from their crazypants economy, and make sure it gets spent on anything that benefits other people.


They seem to be courting Eric. Form their Facbook, apparently they’ve been around since 2016 and they claim a prince in Africa is using this coin to set up an economy. How the heck does that work?

Statement from Trumpcoin
Attention Worldwide Patriots: Eric Trump tweet update
Yesterday 1/24/2022: Eric Trump tweeted about our amazing cryptocurrency project. We are currently in direct communication with him and using this opportunity to bring clarity to our purpose as a cryptocurrency. We want to assure anyone looking at this that we are not “frauds.” We trade openly and freely on many cryptocurrency exchanges listed on our website. Similar to Bitcoin, we have a maximum supply of 18 million coins with a current circulating supply of 14.6 million. This coin was created before Donald Trump won the 2016 election. We ask Eric Trump to continue direct communication with us so he can understand our background and introduce the Trump organization to the Army of supporters waiting for this moment of recognition. We are optimistic that the language surrounding who we are will soften and we can stand firm knowing our great community can survive friendly fire.


Watch out Hugh, Pugh, Barley McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub and co. You’ll be next…



“This has nothing to do with our tRump Crime Family”, but we are excepting donations at…