Trump's announcement - reduced to its essence


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Here is something about Trump that shook me to the core: My wife knows two different people who think Trump is a good choice for president, and called his speech “refreshingly honest.” They also said that since he’s already rich, “he can’t be bought.”



Please Listen to Me - Young Man Blues. Via: Trump Card — The Nib — Medium


There’s a smelly hobo down the road here who shouts a lot of strange ideas about aliens and mind control, and he can’t be bought either. BECAUSE NO ONE WOULD BUY A CRAZY PERSON.

Trump is the logical endpoint of a political/media narrative that is focused on money as the answer to all questions and unfounded paranoia.


So much truthiness. (And now I also get the frothing-at-the-mouth bit in Colbert’s imitation. Ugh.)


Excellent video. Very classy. Very luxurious.


Is Trump intentionally copying Christopher Walken’s unique cadence?




I always thought of Trump as a “formerly rich person who pretends he has money.”


He’s kind’a like a yo-yo dieter…
How Does Trump Repeatedly File for Bankruptcy and Still Stay on Top? | LegalZoom

Edit that was an old one (he only had 2 corporate bankruptcies at the time)
Fourth Time’s A Charm: How Donald Trump Made Bankruptcy Work For Him - Forbes


It’s even better with subtitles turned on.


Can someone point out one policy he has that is different than the standard republican platform?

He might say things differently, but he holds essentially the mainstream republican view on every issue I can think of.


I’m both mesmerized and horrified.
I’m mezmorrified.


Frankly, I think everybody should play chicken with the shitty US political class and media and elect the fucker. Like Ron Paul, it’s not like any of the crazy would make it past Congress anyway, but if Chuck Todd wants to present Trump as a valid option, then let’s make it so he has to beg the President to get an interview.


Saddest bumper sticker ever: Trump / Palin 2012. Because we’ve got nothing left to lose.



Essence of Trump.
Apply its rich odour to your body.
(not to be sold in the UK).


That’s right, because when rich guys get rich they never want more money.


That video was incredible, I hope he sees it.


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