Trump's big VA meeting at Mar-a-Lago weirdly canceled at last minute after this awkward moment


Oh, I thought you were going to mention the awkward part where Trump actually refused to shake her hand. So many awkward/outright insulting moments!


Too many awkward moments to mention. But I loved Merkels line: “It’s more important to talk to each other than about each other.”


Yeah, I prefer Winter Palace. It has a nice imperial ring to it, and the coda fills me with delicious schadenfreude.


You think he’s going to shake a woman’s hand? Like an equal? #snort No, this is about as good as it gets for the leaders of important foreign allies who made the silly mistake of being born a woman…




Except that the Winter Palace(s) were the official royal residences, analogous to the real White House, albeit far less modest. M-A-L is more akin to the Alexander Palace ca. 1905, but hopefully it won’t take another twelve years to resolve the situation this time.


A fitting home for…


No, that’s a grievous insult to Bucky Barnes, who never would have taken a draft deferment for some bullshit “bone spurs” — of which no medical records now exist. Plus, Bucky was brainwashed into collusion with the Russians, not an eager running lapdog stooge.


Trumpy’s all about the veterans.


Pah, history teaches us nothing! :wink:


Well here’s to hoping that the meeting was cancelled because his VA secretary wasn’t going to be there, and that someone got an earfull of Donald Dick for putting Trump in that embarrassing position.


How about Whiter White House.


American democracy’s a trip: The most important jobs are the only ones I’ve ever heard of where you can’t fire someone for four years, no matter how bad they’re doing.


Hold on, I thought the second White House was in New York. Does that mean there are three now?

Two White Houses have fallen. The third stands. A fourth there will not be.

(With apologies to Philotheus of Pskov.)



She speaks better English than he does.


There’s also the fact that the White House is actually south of the Mason-Dixon line. Although I don’t think calling Mar-a-Lago the Southerner White House would be any better. I propose calling Mar-a-Lago the Cheeto House.


The Fortress of Intolerance.


Anyone speaks better English than he does.


Yes, that part of the sign is problematic, since the idea that trump’s support is predominantly working class is a myth.

Still, it’s the Trumpster who’s putting the sign there, and he does present himself as a man of the people, the one leader who cares about “the forgotten [white] ones,” the lover of the “uneducated,” and so on. In that sense, the cartoon still makes sense to me.


Whitest House, bigly.

The Fortress of Solipsism?