Trump to meet aviation leaders to discuss aging airports and whatever else pops into his head


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And of course you’d wear your best Antebellum dresses to meet the racist president during Black History Month…

ETA: These are apparently photos from the campaign. The optics still aren’t good, but the timing isn’t quite as bad. I may have posted before my morning tea.


It looks like at least one of those cosplayers is black. I’m not sure what that means.


They’re these people- apparently there was a controversy over the dresses when they wore them to Obama’s inauguration.


My God they’re multiplying!


For a second I thought they were called the “Azalea Troll Maids” and that it was a Yes Men-esque prank. Ah well.


so-called President Donald Trump

He IS President of the USA. We don’t like it but he got elected fair and square by the necessary portion of the electorate.


He IS President of the USA. We don’t like it but he got elected fair and square

whilst Judge Robart was nominated fair-n-square by President George W. Bush and confirmed fair-n-square 99-0 by the United States Senate - as ye sow, and so forth


Hey! Don’t make fun of the Azalea Trail Maids! I know a former one!

Oh, wait… she makes fun out of the shit of them. LOL.

I still love Mobile, Alabama, even if it’s become a prime Turmp stop.


I’ve got to hand it to you. This particular insult to the people of the US shows a rare subtlety.


As silly as I find this plantation cosplay to be, it does look like it might offer some protection from pussy-grabbing.


No, elected means more people voted for you than didn’t. He was installed.


A lot of the rest of us haven’t yet made peace with what a moron he is… and for his part he isn’t making it easy. Until he’s dead or out of office (whichever comes sooner), brace yourself for people reviling his being president in many more ways than merely putting “so-called” in front of “president”.


I’m so glad you printed that second picture of the maids because in the first all I could see were very strange creatures with circular black eyes and horse shaped heads placed on big, multicoloured mounds.


Some of the concerns here are his possibly back dooring an attack on public unions, the public private partnership model being discussed having a poor track record in transportation overall and almost none in aviation. Additionally that there is no mechanism to include the ppp’s under the federal dbe program - which attempts to insure participation of women, small and minority owned businesses in these opportunities.

Less oversight also can mean less stringent procurement standards making steering contracts to preferred individuals more likely.


I’ll stick with the Azalia Snail maid.


NPR was reporting this morning that the Rich Folk* are likely to point to subsidies that some governments pay their airlines in order to ask for some of their own sweet sweet taxpayer dollars.

*aka “aviation leaders”


The FAA ALREADY has modernized the air traffic control system with the adoption of NextGen. NextGen routes planes using GPS guided flight paths removing the flight controller from the loop (think drones). Flight paths are much lower, more concentrated and were placed over communities WITHOUT notification, environmental studies or local governmental inputs. The resulting increase of air traffic and repetitive flights over communities, one every two minutes, has decimated neighborhoods formally airplane free across the country. There have been many lawsuits filed against the FAA and this meeting does not look good for any of them.


For certain, limited definitions of the term “fair and square” that includes Russian interference.