Trump's big VA meeting at Mar-a-Lago weirdly canceled at last minute after this awkward moment


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Can we also acknowledge what a creepy racist dogwhistle ‘Southern White House’ is to the white supremacists in Trump’s administration, and to all of the racists who voted for him?

Why yes. Yes we can acknowledge that.


Just got up. By now I’m so used to a daily WTF dose, and of course he delivered. “weirdly”, “awkward”. Yep, just another day. Sigh.


Holy Shit.


Can we trade him Florida for his resignation? That sounds fair.

Faster Bugs, FASTER!!


You know, it’s OK for liberals and conservatives to disagree about policy (I mean, I think they’re idiots for what they propose, but they think the same of me, so fair enough), but it would be nice (and by “nice” I mean “much more productive”) if we could agree about what constitutes “competence.”

The President (pardon me, the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED FUCKING STATES) is having a meeting regarding veterans affairs, and not only does he not invite his own VA Secretary, he doesn’t know that his VA Secretary wasn’t invited (Really? Can we confirm this? Maybe he has a wedding to go to and nobody told Donnie. Or maybe I’m being generous.)

But hey, the CEO of Marvel Entertainment will be there, so it’s all good. Maybe he will pitch a script for “The X-Men Tackle VA Bureaucracy” or something. Problems solved.


i never thought about it from quite this angle, but YES, and THANK YOU. this is why i refuse to say that. it’s just wrong.


I’ve seen some outlets go with winter white house.

I’d go with extra white house.


Speaking of awkward. I just tried to catch up with his meeting with Merkel.

Oh dear Lord, he’s embarassing. We have the lovely word “fremdschämen”. Embarrassment by proxy, I guess?


Let me go out on a limb here — there never was any meeting in the first place!

Shulkin wasn’t given the script instructing him how to play along.

It’s been “cancelled” now so there won’t be any more questions about it.


“Winter White House” has something of a Tsarist flair, no?


Pravda, Comrade. But I hadn’t even thought of that, I just noticed the usage. Well played.


Is there a German word for ‘fart in an elevator’?


Aufzugsschas? Nah, not a word. But it should be.




I see this as the norm - absolutely nothing getting done as Trump is prez - cant “we the people” fire this dude for not working??? unreal


Seems fine. I’m sure it’s fine. Everything’s fine.


[quote=“Jeff_Michael, post:15, topic:97288, full:true”]
I see this as the norm - absolutely nothing getting done as Trump is prez - cant “we the people” fire this dude for not working??? unreal
[/quote]Unfortunately, I’m fairly certain it’s illegal to open fire on him, deserved or not.






Working class?