Trump's cowardly fence becomes a powerful message board for protestors

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Bunker Boy Bulletin Board!

Tear 'em down, go ahead, people will line up to post more.


It needs a banner running along the top, with all the names of POC who have died at the hands of the police, printed with white letters on a black background.

And title it “The Long Black Line”…


It’s a bit too highbrow for the Redcap In Chief his-own-self, but I seem to recall a lament from Hamlet that suits him:
“I could be bound within a nutshell and count myself the lord of infinite space… were it not that I have bad dreams.”


That’s gonna have to be a pretty small font to fit them all in. The fence is only 3,500 feet long or so.


That’s okay, the point will be made.
And longer versions can be held by protesters!


Perhaps we can upload all those names into every iPhone like Apple did with that U2 album?


Let’s keep it this way until he’s out of there. Seeing the WH unobstructed with him in it makes me ill anyway.


The Shitehouse.


They have announced that the fence is coming down this week. Meanwhile, he’s begging for someone to come up with a way to fortify the Border Wall because too many “criminals” are cutting through it with everyday power tools.


Best example of Found Art evar.


I must say, the fence isn’t cowardly. If there were no fence and protesters breached the perimeter, the Secret Service has a plan for that. The plan is probably a lot more ugly than how city police have been handling them. The Secret Service would not back down and let protesters do whatever it is they want to do in the White house, or within some “red line” distance they have defined around the Whitehouse. The Secret Service has machine guns and even worse things and they would absolutely use them. Not having the fence would risk a bloodbath. I know the Minneapolis mayor decided to let many buildings, including a police precinct, burn, but the Secret Service has a quite different mentality than that. So the fence is necessary for saving human lives. It’s not cowardly.


You’re assuming protesters either don’t know that the White House is heavily defended, or that they would try to cause damage to the White House if given the chance, or both. You know what they say about assumptions.

Trump is a coward. Thus, his actions are cowardly by default.


Though I hate Trump, I also take issue with characterising the flight to the bunker as cowardly. The Secret Service is mandated to provide close protection of the holder of the Office of President. Close protection includes planning for all kinds of contingencies, including bundling their charge off to a safe place until the situation is more clear.

Trump is a coward, but the Secret Service are not.

We need to remember that, and trust them. Because when Trump inevitably tries to overstay his welcome, it’s going to be the Secret Service who turns to the new legal holder of the Office of President and asks, “Sir/Madame, would you like us to throw this piece of shit out the front or back door?”

The entire world is depending on the professionalism and loyalty of the Secret Service.


Do any signs point inwards towards the White House? Does no-one think there is any point in doing that, even as a protest? What’s in there doesn’t read, won’t read.

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Your argument might have some merit, if this type of response was EVER employed before. Funny, how that’s not the case; would you aver there’s never been large protests outside the White House, or something? You realize everyone here knows the protest outside the White House was and is peaceful, correct?

Yeah, no. Coward is as coward does; excuse fail. Even Reagan’s Jersey barriers and SAM launchers had more rationale behind it, FFS.


Of course it is. Do you think he feels safe now, or is the fact it’s being turned into a memorial against what he stands for too much for him to allow?

I wonder how long until he orders the road be scrubbed?

You mean making the country an absolute shit hole of intolerance and racism isn’t doing the trick? Weird.


Sure he has huge responsibility for the current state of affairs, but let’s not forget something like 40% of people like it this way. That’s not going to change after November. This is going to be a long slog.