Trump's DHS plan leaked by Kris Kobach, who thinks more about Sharia law than folders


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Long stream of cursing. Breath. .Another very long stream of cursing.

These guys are dicks.



So… what answer do you think they are looking for to this question?


I think the questions on support for equality of men and women or support for the US constitution would rule out most Trump supporters.


“…holding the secret 100-day plan for the Trump DHS.”

Says 365 days on the sheet.

Is he aware that there already is a pretty stringent vetting process already in place? Also, if we are rolling back to 2005, how many people were directly refused from that program that would be let in now and why? As it hasn’t been an issue at all since 2005, it seems the current process works ok.

Eh, probably not.

ETA - Fun fact - Kobach was my ex-wife’s law professor.


Depends on how you ask the question.

For example, if you ask “do you support equality for men and women?” or “do you support the U.S. Constitution?” then most Trump supporters would say “yes!” But if you get into specifics like “should Congress mandate equal pay for women?” or “can a President to use the power of his office to have a political rival thrown in jail?” then it gets a lot muddier.


IF he cares, it’s only to better tickle himself about how it will be more likely that refugees die of old age before they’re admitted to the US.


That’s some fine opsec there, Lou.

Nice to know how well you’re guarding gov secrets; though I suppose they already had it vetted by Vlad.


It’s two months before Inauguration Day and my red flags are already going up. History tells us that border exit controls, registries based on ethnicity and religion, and denial of wire transfers out of the country* for certain classes of people can easily be extended to all under the “right” circumstances (e.g. a major terrorist incident, an inflationary spiral, extreme protectionism, etc.). That’s before you take into account the non-stop stream of genuinely bad, racist and authoritarian people who are being nominated and appointed to fill posts in the administration.

[* Kobach also wants to withhold remittance payments from Mexican nationals back to their homeland if Mexico won’t pay for the “wall”]



The way it’s worded it looks like it’s designed to ferret out support for ISIS and for Sharia, as well as acceptance of the idea that men and women are equal.


The 14th Amendment needs to go on the endangered list along with the 4th.


Damned liberal university professors.



If only proper handling of secure documents had come up sometime during the campaign.


There don’t seem to be any classification / designation markings on the plan at all. Whether this is Trumps or Kobach’s wish list, it hasn’t gone through the hands of anyone who knows what a government secret is. Of course, these clowns will be / are already getting briefed on such information. I’m going to go cry / and or drink now.




Seriously folks, don’t worry. Max will be along in a sec to reassure us that this isn’t an example of, or evidence of, anything. They’re just words. On a piece of paper. Words on paper never hurt anyone. We need to wait and see before anybody start getting concerned about things that probably won’t happen.

(did I really need to add that? Probably. It’s so confusing living in a post-truth world)