Trump's DHS plan leaked by Kris Kobach, who thinks more about Sharia law than folders

These are some real geniuses at work.
Such original ideas!


I live just a couple miles from that course near a small family owned general aviation airport – in a “normal” suburban neighborhood. I am guessing that airport is about to get a lot busier If he plans on meeting up with people there. I also read he attended church there – in Lamington – and he and Pence were received warmly. It’s the horsey set up there – expansive estate after expansive estate – no doubt more concerned with the estate tax than anyone who lives by me or closer to the tracks.

“Guys guys. Just brain storming here. How about – hear me out – to come into the country we give people quizzes about The Bible. It’ll be pass/fail. That’s gotta be legal, right?”


Why is it not in his binder, if nothing else just to keep the paper from flopping around? Feels so very stagged, though i have no guess as to why but i bet the reasoning is probably even more dumb than an accidental leak.


Immigrants would probably do better on that test than much of the base, much like the civics tests administered to prospective naturalized citizens.


Oh I know where this is going. Its giving me a Catch-22 flashback. Loyalty Oaths.


OK… That took my brain a moment to shift gear… In Australia, DHS is Department of Human Services. (So things like unemployment etc).
The scary part? It still made sense in a “Trumpian mindset”

That horse bolted decades ago:

From outside the USA, compulsory recitation of that in schools is some seriously Hitler Youthy bullshit.


We did it every week in primary school here in Australia. Stuff like I will honor the flag, I will serve the queen.

Monday morning school assembly. We all knew the sounds off by heart but it doesn’t leave me with a desire to serve the queen.

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I have a vague memory of a hint of that in early primary school, but it had passed out of use by the early 80’s in the schools I attended. They knew that we’d just take the piss out of it.

The teachers at my (public) primary school were hippy enough that they made us close our eyes and listen to John Lennon’s Imagine at every weekly assembly.


Yeah my experience is about ten years earlier. I was astounded recently when my son’s primary school choir were singing Another brick in the wall by Pink Floyd.


I think I just threw up in by brain a little…

“White Supremacists Celebrate Trump’s Election, Call for Ban on Non-European Immigration”


[quote=“Space_Monkey, post:6, topic:89882, full:true”]
I think the questions on support for equality of men and women or support for the US constitution would rule out most Trump supporters.
[/quote]Well, that depends on what answers they’re looking for…

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Osama bin Laden must be laughing at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. 9/11 knocked America so far off balance that it is in danger of forgetting what it is - was - what the aspiration was - to be American.

It seems clear that America’s self-identification as the land of the free and home of the brave (did I get that the right way round?) was always a fragile flower. That flower is now in danger of being crushed underfoot.

And I’m finding it hard to see who will profit from that, long term, apart from Islamic fundmentalists.


ISIS are throwing a fucking party. Their publicly declared strategic approach is to use fear and anger to trick Western nations into acting like vicious, destructive idiots.

Mission Accomplished.


Joking about a desire to serve the queen seems to get you kicked off the BBC these days. Allegedly.

I don’t think that’s Trump’s plan. Not that I think his is likely any better, but that looks like Kobach’s proposal to the Trump transition team. A “if appointed, this is my plan for the first year, so please pick me” plan.

Still terrifying, because odds are, every other candidate for the position likely has very similar wish lists, but still, not Trump’s plan exactly. If this gets enough traction and backlash, it’ll probably spoil Kobach’s chances though, so there’s a bright spot.

I hope this is true, but my hope is growing thin. He probably did it intentionally to make a news cycle.


If that’s true, what new revelation of illegal activity is about to be exposed that needed camouflage?

Scary, that this possible explanation comes immediately to mind.


Well hey, at no point was it sent in an email. Nor were Trump’s unsecured phone calls to foreign leaders, nor were emails involved in un-vetted persons showing up at meetings with foreign leaders…