Trump's dumbest son deletes tweet

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Trump’s dumbest son

So the coin landed tails today, and Eric won!

Which will be dumbest tomorrow? Place your bets now!


That family has more projection power than AMC and Cinemark combined.


Yeah Eric, that will put you in solid with daddy.


OK, he pulled the tweets, but responding to the critique that “She was at Chelsea’s wedding” with “Here is a picture of her with Trump” is fallacious. The point is still valid–how was she close enough or important enough to the Clintons to attend their daughter’s wedding? I did not have anyone attending my wedding who I did not have a personal or family relationship with, and so I assume either these people had a similar relationship with Chelsea or her husband, or Bill & Hillary were pimping out Chelsea’s wedding for influence and money. Both of these are problematic. Unless the picture is fake.


It’s not “fallacious,” it’s hypocritical and clueless because the Trumps were just as close to Epstein and Maxwell as the Clintons were. If you’re going to throw those particular stones best check to make sure your house is less than 80% window.

It would be like Trump’s son attacking Bill Clinton for being unfaithful to his spouse even though his own father is a serial philanderer.


I’m not defending the Clintons and I have no idea what their relationship was with Epstein and Maxwell. But you can’t compare your own considerations for a wedding guest list to those of such a public figure and politician. I’m sure political dynasties like that have all kinds of donors and strategic alliances and other people they have various kinds of professional connections with that they feel they have to invite.

I don’t care who gets invited to anyone’s wedding or who people go to parties with, I care what policies they foist on the rest of us when they are in power, and I care about corrupting influences.


It is a classic example of both Tu quoque and probably red herring fallacies.


I think you may have misread a post about how stupid Eric Trump is as a post defending the Clintons’ friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. I believe that on the balance of probability we should all conclude that Bill Clinton and Donald Trump both sexually abused children at properties owned by Epstein. If this can be proven they should both be arrested for it, and in the meantime they should both be publicly vilified as child abusers.

So it was singularly stupid of Eric Trump to try to smear a former political opponent of their father in a way that just reminds us of the likelihood that Trump is a child sex abuser. But there was nothing “fallacious” unless @frauenfelder’s point was that Trump and Clinton deserved some sort of reprieve for being equally bad. That point was not in the article, i doubt frauenfelder believes it, you read it in.


No, it’s not. Because no one is saying “the Clintons’ relationship with Epstein & Maxwell is non-problematic because the Trumps had a similar relationship with them.”

What we are saying is “only an idiot would seek to attack another family by sharing photos of them associating with people that their own family also had extensive associations with.”




Dumbest? I don’t know. They’re both so phenomenally stupid, you get to a level where superlatives cease to matter.


It’s a good start to a drinking game too, but you’re gonna need a healthy liver =x.


We could watch their new show and decide for ourselves


Is anybody saying it’s not? Epstein and Maxwell’s connections were vast and they were cozy with many rich and powerful people. The problem here is the hypocrisy of Trump throwing shade at the Clintons for their association with them, when his family is in just as deep.

Fancy logical fallacies, neither of which apply here. Nobody is saying that the Clintons’ association with Epstein and Maxwell isn’t problematic, but they aren’t the issue here.


Weren’t the Clintons attendees of at least one of his father’s weddings? Birds of a feather indeed.


Epstein and Maxwell were both well known to both the Clintons and 45 & Co; that’s a fact.


Wait, has anyone specifically said either was involved in Epstein’s pedo activities? I mean, I genuinely don’t know. (They’re both already in the category of “not to be left alone with young girls” in any case).

And yet nothing will happen! Because you know, can’t sue/arrest the president/expres/powerful/megarich because the reasons! That’s where Weinstein fell short, wasn’t mega rich enough. Should’ve got into politics I suppose


It’s the sort of thing that gives credence to the idea that the whole ruling political/economic class is corrupt–Epstein and Maxwell, as is now well documented, were experts at insinuating themselves across a whole swath of upper-crust society. Not that everyone they came into contact with were participants in their skankier habits, but that it was widely known and everyone more or less agreed to look away, because it was convenient for them.