Trump's five most "anti-science" moves


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I’d argue that the long term damage of putting Betsy “Secular Education Is For Poors” DeVos in charge of the Department of Education should be at the top of this list. Fun facts about her:


#… so far

He hasn’t even been sworn-in yet :cry:


I choose the optimist’s viewpoint, and would prefer to think of him as pro-ignorance instead of anti-science.


I’m not sure which is worse - that the Department of Energy went from being headed by physics PhDs and a Nobel prize winner to a guy who got a “D” in Meat class in college, or that he both wanted to shut down the department and couldn’t remember it (and probably still has no idea what it does). No, wait, it’s all terrible.

We have such a list already of terrible Cheeto Mussolini moves, and there’s that caveat that he literally hasn’t even started yet. I don’t even want to imagine what’s to come…


Five? Only five? One would think he has an arsenal of thousands of such “moves”…


Great list but ignores Trump’s more singular “Master” “anti-science” move which all these fall under, which is Being a Huge Douche Bag.



Can I suggest a rule that Trump posts have to go through Rob before going up? I’m not liking this lack of photoshop.


and counting.




I know. It’s so weird. Only five items listed in the top five. I would have thought at least six would be on the list.


I’m getting tired of the whole “anti-science” thing, because it implies there’s an equal and opposite pro-science stance. Science doesn’t care if we’re pro or anti. There’s a word for somebody who disagrees with science: wrong.


“Hold on - that’s Trump’s Inauguration speech. Over here is the trash fire.”

Fixed that for you. Maybe. I’m confused.


He has great moves. He studied the master.


Anti-reality. Easy substitution that’s basically accurate.


Tillerson might be a bad appointment for other reasons, but I’m not sold on the anti-science part. Petrochemical companies are pretty science heavy. He’s originally an engineer and probably had more science and engineering experience than any of our recent Secretaries of State.

Besides, State Department isn’t a strong science place either. So better to focus on his policies and abilities instead of being “anti-science.” Or at least move him out of the top 5 anti science moves.

Was there a #6 that can be promoted into the top 5 instead?


Unfortunately, compartmentalization of batshit ideas seems quite commonplace on the far right. Being able to apply reason in one area doesn’t mean that they don’t throw it all out the window once they perceive something as being a threat to their ideology or profits. The problem is that it is a political climate which tries to exploit science while promoting ignoramuses to decide policy.


OOPS . . . I thought it read: " … anti-science MOVIES"

That could be just as interesting a topic…


Lest you be fooled into thinking that Tillerson is not anti-science, he is this new breed of strategic climate denier that admits the climate is changing, and that man has responsibility. Just how responsible is unclear and thus no action should be taken. These type of deniers are called lukewarmers.