Documenting Trump's war on science


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I know of at least one Canadian government scientist that grew up in the neighbourhood “forgot” that he had stored several boxes of his research in his mother’s basement that survived the shameful purge of that period. Apparently he was not alone in this regard. American government employed scientists should take note.


Wouldn’t he have to know what science is before he declares war on it?

Does he stand a better chance of defeating science or ISIS?


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when an Arctic country with two oceanic coastlines[/quote]

It’s actually three oceanic coastlines considering the Arctic is actually a gradually thawing ocean which Harper denied was thawing but also increased defense spending to protect the ships that couldn’t possibly use it as a passage. It was quite the squared circle.


I had the weirdest dream last night that we actually elected Donald Trump as president.


Combine the war on science with A madman has been given the keys to the surveillance state and “taking back the Internet”, stir well, then serve.


In this brave new world, you don’t need to know anything; you just need your gut feelings.

Gut feelings are superior to all other feelings, of course. Trust your gut; it will lead us into a glorious future of reality-denial.


Trump’s war on science gets lost sight of pretty easily given he’s at war with all aspects of reality and thus all branches of its study. Economics, political science, sociology, anthropology, linguistics… The only things he’s not at war with are the things he doesn’t even know exist, but if brought to his attention, I’m sure he’d add them to his list. He’s also at war with consistency, however, so you never know when he’ll switch positions and deny he ever held his original position in the first place. I’m not sure that’s reason to hope, though.

Given how overjoyed ISIS was at news of his election, they clearly like their chances. In fact, they hope he might do their job for them. Sadly, I don’t think that works for science.


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I think I read about this in an Upton Sinclair book.


He plans to shut down the EPA as well. So between poisonous air, food and water, medicines that don’t work and no one with affordable healthcare I’m sure they’ll find some way to pin it on liberals (if there’s anyone left alive who cares).


Reminds me of the story when Niels Bohr dissolved some Nobel Medals in aqua regia to hide them from the nazis.


I was wondering if they still teach about The Jungle in school – I think that we touched on it in 5th grade.


yeah, well, that’s a commie novel.


I remember reading The Jungle in 9th grade.


I posted this about a year ago, feels even more apt now…



#Summer is coming.


Global Warming, feh! What’s the worst that could happen?


That’s like two-and-a-half, maybe three states lost there. That’s a tiny percentage! No worries. :grinning: