Trump's missing Jan 6th call logs are reported as being in the seized evidence from Mar A Lago

Originally published at: Trump's missing Jan 6th call logs are reported as being in the seized evidence from Mar A Lago | Boing Boing


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It was John Barron!




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What am I missing? There doesn’t appear to be anything in the documents detailing that the found call logs were from January 6th. Is this reporting on a speculative tweet?

“Those are PRIVILEGED, you can’t look at them!”


My gut says that there’s about an equal probability of (a) this being fake news, or (b) the call logs really being in the seized evidence but not saying anything interesting. And a very tiny chance that there’s actually something revealing there, but probably not significant enough to justify tacking an “obstruction of justice” charge onto any eventual indictment. A genuine smoking gun is probably too much to hope for.

If true, though, it’s rather hard to construct an innocent explanation for why he might have ended up in possession of those call logs. He wanted to frame them and hang them on the wall at Mar-a-Lago as a memento of his presidency’s finest hour? He put them in his pocket to read later and then they somehow got swept up with all his personal papers when he moved out? No, I’m rather afraid we have a little bit of mens rea going on here.


I’m not going to get my hopes up, but if anyone ends up taking down this aliterate grifter it should be a bunch of pissed-off archivists.


Vince Gilligan couldn’t have written it better if this ends up being the case.


NEVER piss off librarians.


If this is true, not just headlines-for-clicks, and if he hasn’t already done it himself, may I be the first to drop a resounding George Takei “ohhh myyyyyyy” here?


Page 6… look for “The President’s calls” which is the call log into and out of the white house.

There is already a link between Meadow’s phone and the rioters.

But sure… normal political stuff happening there and let’s give him the benefit of the doubt YET AGAIN, because that’s working so well for us… /s


Yeah, I was questioning the leap in the speculative tweet, echoed by jlw as “reporting” the Jan 6th date as that of the found call records. I thought that was pretty clear.

Wtf? Was there anything in what I said that was giving the orange asshole the benefit of the doubt? He should be in jail forever. Inaccurate reporting doesn’t help make that happen. This isn’t doubt. This is hearing what we want to hear. I hope they do fill the Jan. 6 call record gap. This doesn’t say that.


Well, first, that was in response to a different comment, not yours. As you can see by looking at what I quoted in my comment. :woman_shrugging:

With Trump, the reality is that we are probably on pretty good ground here to assume that what it says on the tin is what is actually happening with Trump. Pretty much everything that’s happened with him has borne that out… time and again. Why should we assume that it actually says it is, or probably even worse than we think possible.

And with Trump, how does that not make sense, given how every single time we learn something new, it is actually worse than we thought.

But this is clearly call logs that are missing, so assuming it’s THE call logs from the 6th is a safe bet.

In edition, @jlw noted that this was “reported” which is entirely true. I don’t know what else they would be, other than those logs that are missing.


Fair enough. I hadn’t tracked that you quoted someone else in a reply to my comment. My bad.

I think I just have a lower risk tolerance for betting than you do.

I think this at the heart of my concern. I disagree that a random speculative tweet headlined with a question mark from a Meidas Touch partner qualifies as “reporting”. Betteridge’s Law is a thing.

The dangerous criminal asshole grifter in jail is my top priority, but some level of reasonable rigor in the media is still on my list. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive and I’m not willing to suspend one expectation for the sake of another.



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Happens to all of us from time to time!

Maybe, but pretty much he’s proven to be far worse than we believed he would be… The people who were really upset by his election in 2016 (myself included) were proven right on precisely who he was and what he would mean for this country. Of course, lots of people dismissed us as hysterical libs at the time, but the guy literally tried to install a dictatorship, so… :woman_shrugging:

The right wing media offers far more problematic speculation based on far less than this. Plus, @jlw is quoting a tweet from a podcaster, not, say CNN or NPR. I think we are able to spend a bit of time looking at the source and understanding the context of it, rather than expecting everything on “our” side to never say anything except what is established fact. :woman_shrugging: Discussing possibilities (and strong ones at that) isn’t the same thing as spreading disinformation and conspiracy theories.


Agreed. I certainly wasn’t labeling it as disinformation or conspiracy theories, but @jlw did turn a headline question into a headline statement.


Oh, but you know someone will! Because of course they will… and will use that to dismiss it wholesale, when it’s highly likely to be the case that these are the missing call logs.

Sure, but I’d argue that BB is not a newspaper and I don’t think we should hold them to that standard… The authors have opinions and it’s their blog, and their right to express those views without being expected to be held to the same standards as journalists.