Trump's restaurants -- cockroaches and "slimy/mold-like build-up"

So this is interesting. Ethics laws prevent government officials from using their position to endorse or hurt private businesses. I’m not talking the health department shutting a place down, or the USDA issuing a warning about potentially contaminated spinach, or anything like that. I’m talking something like the White House press secretary editorializing “says more about her than it says about me” and the president using his twitter account to criticize the restaurant–one that I’ve actually been to, and found to be reasonably nice–despite surely never having been or eaten there.

Sanders is in clear violation of that law, and Trump’s only get-out is the fact that he didn’t use the POTUS account, he used his personal one–but wait! It was recently ruled that he couldn’t legally block people on Twitter, and he uses that account to conduct official business, or at least uses it in a manner that people would understand it to be “official” therefore a reasonable argument could be built that says that he violated it too.

It’s not going to be the thing that snaps the jaws shut on this klepto-maniacal kakistocracy, but it will please me greatly if a principled restaurateur ended up playing a minor role in the removal of the worst and likely most corrupt (at least transparently) administration in the history of the United States.

My favorite part was all of the people on Google who started posting “reviews” of the restaurant. It was nearly instant, all with the same tone, with some of the “actual real people, totally, like for sure” going so far as to unironically claim that asking a person to leave specifically because you believe what they willingly do as a job is immoral (note, that’s not discriminatory) to separating children from their parents at the border, and even the holocaust. The level of stupidity/propaganda trolling is absolutely breathtaking.

Edit: Can’t believe I didn’t think of this yesterday, but can you imagine how this same crowd of folks would react if the tables were turned and a restaurant owner asked an abortion doctor to leave? They’d be falling all over themselves with praise.


Is there a dead cat in the water tank?

Slime mold tartar is the way to go. It delivers itself to your table.


if people are stupid enough to eat at such a place they deserve to get sick

I’m more concerned that the newsmedia has let slip the article under this tag where trump has cost taxpayers more secret service budget in one year of vacations than Obama’s full eight years - over $60 Million? How is this not in the news every single week or at least repeated once a month, I completely missed it. 500 secret service quit.




The completely unassociated Red Hen restaurant in Washington, DC is under Twitter siege from confused Trumpalos, and is owning them:

ETA: source.


This was similar to my first thought too. I don’t think she should have been refused service, but if legally you can refuse service to a homosexual because of a religious belief then logically you can refuse service to nearly anyone and claim a moral objection to them as an afterthought. Example: a lot of people thought Obama was the Antichrist, so then you can refuse any registered Democrat as being a minion of Satan. If only Sarah Huckabee-Sanders had the nerve to sue and see it through all the way to the Supreme Court.

In a free and open society nobody should be refused service based on religion, race or politics. However, there may be other ways of protest for business owners.


That’s because facts don’t matter any more. He’s taken the concept of ‘truthiness’, and fucking sprinted with it.


Only in the minds of some people; water is still wet, fire still burns, and if you walk off the edge of a building, you’re still gonna fall, fast.
(Man, I really hope someone tries to tell 45 that he can’t fly…)


That pretty much encapsulates his style of governing.

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Take heart, friends, in this delightful geodata visualization from the BBC showing Mar-a-Lago, and much of the rest of Florida, sinking into the ocean.

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“They’re the most luxurious, really the most elegant cockroaches and slime molds.”

Anyone who’s familiar with this grifter’s cheaply gilded products and services, from his apartment buildings to his “university” to his steaks and didn’t see this ending coming has to be complete moron. Speaking of which…

Between that and Il Douche’s own-goal exposing his restaurants’ shoddy inspection results, he and his followers seem to be using this incident deliberately as an opportunity to increase the entire country’s level of self-destructive idiocy.


Red Hen asked the dirt to leave. Problem solved.


How come those shitholes are still open? What kind of bribes were involved?

Those cockroaches were decorative too!

Never, ever look at the health inspection report for your company cafeteria. Just saying.


Someone in the kitchen was asked to obtain a ring mold and got confused?


All I can say at this point is I haven’t heard Trump say anything true, ever. If he says it I assume whatever he said is the opposite of Truth.

Historians will have a field day with this bejowled festering orange scrotal boil. If this country doesn’t completely explode in the next two years


Sanders needs a paintjob - badly - as does the entire endeavor of this dumpster fire.

Thanks for using the term “kakistocracy.” One of my all time favorite words, because it combines the throat-clearing phlegm-expectorating pronunciation of “kakis” with the mind-boggling idea of choosing people for their mediocrity.