Trump's son-in-law's brother Joshua Kushner quietly donates $50,000 to gun-control's March For Our Lives


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Jared Kushner is Trump’s son-in-law. Joshua Kushner is not.


I don’t think that’s how in-law’ing works.


In-lawing. How the fuck does that work?


Unless the Trumps practice fraternal polyandry …


He would be Ivanka’s brother in law. I don’t know that we have a word for the relationship in law between Joshua and Donald.


We need to arm the House & Senate Paiges.



(this is totally unfair to Joshua, of course–I don’t know anything about the guy other than the fact that through nothing but gumption and bootstraps, he was able to parlay the enormous fortune his felon father gave him into an even more enormous fortune)


Sounds like Ivanka married the wrong, less successful Kushner.


What if, instead of funding a demonstration, he just used that money to buy a Congress person?


Is it just me or does the iconography of that sign for the march make it look like they’re agitating for more restrooms…


No guilt by association. Tip-o-the-hat to Joshua.


If Trump weren’t involved in most of his deals he could have been the more successful one.


has quietly donated

Not so sure. I heard it.


Marches in DC need all they can get!


He’s always been the one I’d rather blow… I wonder what he sounds like


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