Trump's spiritual advisor says her prayer for a "all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now" was taken out of context

And one that she claims is sacred, necessitating that women lose their legal rights during the process of pregnancy. Hypocrites all the way down.


That was, errr. . . “enlightening”, strangely enough.

This idea that they are casting out demons through prayer, and that "animal spirits " and “marine spirits” can possess someone, just shows me that the Reformation has come full circle-- Martin Luther would cringe at this shit just like worshiping relics of obscure saints or paying indulgences.


I hate that I can’t even listen to Cain-era Journey anymore because of her.

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More appropriate every damned day.


Like actual wombs of demons would maybe be the only way to clear up that quote that doesn’t look bad.

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skipping the article, and taking the headline completely out of context, who is this Dr. Stanic and how is s/he so good at fertility treatments?


I am having disorganized rage thoughts about

a) if your fucking religion is so fringey-bananas that Totally Cool and Normal™ statements need that much context not to sound really fucking metal and d&d and evil, maybe you shouldn’t be a government mouthpiece, however “advisory” it may be.

b) as hard as all the xtian motheruckers dug to find satanic code in every look, word and stitch from Obama, and this literally coconuts shit gets a “oh, context matter tho…” makes me purple.


Yeah, you’d think someone who is pro-laws-against-abortion would not want to use pregnancy as an analogy for an evil parasite growing within an unwitting host.



This was always the weirdest thing to me about my evangelical upbringing. To be saved, all you had to do was ask Jesus into your heart, but you were somehow capable of damning yourself by an number of innocent, ignorant acts such as listening to rock and roll music (whose baselines call upon demons supposedly), kissing a person you’re not married to, kissing a member of the same gender, playing video games, playing roleplaying games, eating food prepared by an atheist, not listening to your parents even when they’re wrong or abusive, etc, etc. Crazy fundamentalists believe that Satan literally walks the earth like a lion seeking to devour. It’s great stuff for a low budget horror movie, but just silly for the real world where human beings bring enough evil on their own.


See Loading the Language:


Excellent use of an apt gif; kudos.


Wait, what? Really?
They must not have read Matthew 15:10-11.



One of the primary features of her God is Omnideniability. “If any of your theologians are caught saying something stupid, God will disavow any knowledge of their actions.”


Assuming God wills it. Otherwise, you’re pretty much fucked, regardless of how much you ask Jesus into your heart and how many good deeds you do in the world.

I’ve known several of these people, who claim to have never kissed anyone until their wedding day. I’m not one to judge, but this sounds somewhat alien to me, like their versions of love, sex, and marriage do not map to mine at all.

Don’t forget about reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, and watching pretty much any movie.

This (and the rock-and-roll) would make me a very bad Evangelical.

Really having anything to do with atheists.

But I suppose if you asked an atheist “did you cook this” they’d say “there was no cook”, so it’s not provable :wink:

Okay, everything you’ve mentioned thus far ranges from what I would euphemistically refer to as “quaint” to somewhat oppressive, but this is some serious shit. It also includes accepting physical and sexual abuse from one’s spouse or even other members of one’s family (I’m looking at you, Duggars). And not only does one have to shut up and take being raped, but if one goes against their best judgment and reports it, they are the ones blamed for leading such a fine upstanding Christian man astray, and are disowned and kicked out of their communities.

As if listening to whatever music I want, reading whatever books I want, watching whatever movies I want, eating whatever food I want, and hanging out with whomever I want is not enough of a selling point against this cult, not getting raped settles it.


If I put a picture of the Church Lady there, would it have changed your reply?

I can’t confirm or deny the existence of Satan, but Evangelicals see Him everywhere when excuses are needed for behavior.



I see Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby but, could easily be trump’s mother.

All of them Witches.