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Apparently not functional on an iOS device.


no recommendations, no nonsense

And no results, for me.


Neither on Firefox Android as well it seems


Or on desktop Chrome. I think it’s just dead.


Lamest April Fools joke ever.


It “works” for me but always returns the same list of movies, which are un-related to my search. Amazing.


Sorry about that.

I am seeing the same thing, I think. Is an Avengers trailer at the top? I think something is up with my API key, looking into it.


Hmm. What browser? I am not seeing the same on my device.


What browser + OS? I was doing a bit of work on it so you may have caught in-between, sorry about that.

(Also, I apologize if I am using BB wrong. I’ve never used it before but spotted you all in my analytics. :))


strike one: no support for Firefox search bar. Youtube supports search from the browser and that’s the only way I search YT, but I want to get the minimal embed, so let’s just try it out and I can make a bookmark or something.
strike two: I type in chuck berry and this is what was returned:

A search for richard feynman yields the same exact thing. Not ready for prime time, folks.

Edit: @madeline, if you can get the search working and esp. if you can add the FF search support I will completely abandon YT forever. This is an idea whose time has come.


Just look at the tube.


Safari, iOS 11.3

However, it appears to be working now.


Windows 7, Chrome, always the same videos


I searched for “Stink Banana” and it came back with “Official Marvel Avengers Trailer”

I searched for “pig” and it came back with exactly the same result.



You don’t suppose we’ve been rickrolled, do you?


at least a rickroll would’ve been funny


@madeline there are a number of styling fixes that would make this much nicer once you sort out the API issues, like removing padding/margins from the html/body tags, and I think it should be possible to make the video actually fit the screen by simplifying the .embed-container styles, though I haven’t tried portrait screens. You’d probably quickly hit API limits anyway if this took off, but it’s an interesting experiment if nothing else.


Fixed search. It was a weird issue.

Make sure to refresh your cache if you don’t immediately see the fix.

I’ll look into the FF search support, sounds interesting


Yeah, I can take a look at the /watch page next. I actually copied that code directly from someone else, so I haven’t really taken an in-depth look at it.

(I am not super worried about hitting the API limit yet. I can handle about ~300,000 queries / day before Google I hit the cap, if I calculated right. :))