Tucker Carlson worries armed trans people might acquire multi-role stealth combat aircraft

There is so much infuriating hypocrisy and bullshit in Tuckers clip, I can’t even begin. The smugness he dismisses the possibility of Nazis/White Supremacists in New England is nauseating. The blatant way he accuses NPR of ginning up fear with a straight face when that is what he does with each and every show makes me want to puke.

I’ll just put this out once - anyone on here, trans or otherwise, ever wants information on where to start if you’re considering defense options, feel free to PM me.


Yeah, however much you strain to be pro-gun, we can do that effortlessly! /s


Don’t be a sheep! Don’t let them tell you that you should know how to use it before flying your shiny new death machine!


Dunno about F-35’s, fast jets aren’t really suited to working in urban environments, or close support ground operations, my choice would be an old AC-47 Spooky gunship, or even better an AC-130J Ghostrider. Let’s see how the MAGA rednecks with their AR-15’s face up to 30mm auto-cannon and a 105mm howitzer with IR cameras.


I’m afraid it’s too late, every rainbow now is actually just an LGBTQ+ stealth plane in disguise. The only thing left is for you to hide in your basement and never come out again, Carlson.


No one will blame you either, and I am actively encouraging all my friends in various marginalized communities to truly consider it. If you can at all overcome your discomfort with firearms, please purchase them. Consider finding a good indoor range and gun shop in your state where you can get advice, purchase your weapon, and get training all at the same time.


He’s also saying “Our enemies are buying guns, you should buy more!”


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It’s the “Black Panther effect” - conservatives love unfettered access to guns until “the wrong sort” somehow get hold of them, then suddenly it’s all slippery slopes and gun control.

It’s particularly unhinged in this case, as Tucker has never worried about escalation of weaponry before, even as he was a cheerleader for civilian assault rifles.

It is, it’s hyper-clownishness, just right out in the open. “We should all have guns, it’s good - these people have guns, and these people have guns, and oh my god, these other people have guns, too, where will it end!?” You couldn’t write a satire this absurd.

Yep, “See, trans people are dangerous! They have guns (just like us)!”

I.e. the traditional status quo.

Also if you consider the historical context (i.e. that guns and even lead for shot were all imported from Europe and the supply thus highly constrained, and that private gun ownership was therefore so astronomically expensive it often required government subsidies to even be possible, which is ultimately what the 2nd is talking about) - and that history, that original meaning, is supposedly something they’re really concerned with…

Yeah, including some long-standing laws that explicitly outlawed selling guns to indigenous people (and often other non-whites). From day 1 of the country there were in-groups encouraged to have guns and out-groups not allowed to have them at all, largely because of the presumption that the country existed in a state of what was effectively constant war against those out-groups.


while i agree with this, it’s still a hard argument.

there’s a central idea to it that “owning a gun will make help keep me safe” – but statistically we know that’s not true.

there aren’t any easy answers for sure. and as long as they’re legal, i’m not going to begrudge anyone owning guns – so long as those gun owners are continually advocating for gun restrictions, and not doing things like joining the nra

in the end, i think the only people who win out in the “everybody arm themselves” race is the gun lobby, and i fear the fascists…


Instead of the F-35, can I get an A-10 instead? That’s really more of my style. Apparently fuel, ammunition, maintenance, and all the other steep costs of owning one of these things isn’t an issue in Tuckerson’s world. I assume this comes with a suitable firing range somewhere, right? Oh, and some training on how to fly the thing.

Once all those are taken care of, anyone who isn’t a bigot is absolutely invited to fly with me, although I guess I’d have to get one of the two seater “trainer” models for that. Are those armed?


Ooooh! A warthog! The Russians call it the Devil’s Cross!

Make sure to get yours as it makes overthrowing western civilization so much easier. :wink:

(Also my favorite plane. The GUA-11 fires spent uranium shells. Definitely a bad ass plane!)


Blind pedestrians are allowed to carry hand grenades.

(X Marks the Pedwalk.)

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I mean, Tucker rides that “slippery slope” fallacy every goddamned day, and he STILL hasn’t reached rock bottom. :man_shrugging:


There are two things right now keeping me from getting one. One, there are already more guns than people in this country, and I truly think that’s a big part of the problem. Two, I have a history of drug and alcohol abuse and depression. I’m doing well these days, but … I’m not sure I trust myself to own a gun. Not that I would shoot anyone else, because I would never, but I am concerned it would make it way too easy to kill myself if I ended up back in a bad place, mentally.


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I will almost always accept hugs, so thank you. But I’m good these days on the mental health front.


Did he really say that ‘we’ are arming Ukraine’s trans army? What?

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What’s Carlson’s opinion on less-sexy M&Ms with heavy duty assault weapons?