Tumblr of tweets from Trump supporters who regret voting for Trump

I would suggest Alaska instead. It’s the biggest state, deep red, plenty of oil, and its existence proves global warming is a Chinese hoax.


How can that NOT be Boaty McBoatface at this point.


It’s Scootin Fruity Friday


Plus with Russia a doorstep away the block parties will be off the hook!


Um, Isn’t that the plot of BioShock?

The only saving grace of the Trump presidency is that it’s a relief that the USA chose such a complete idiot to be at the helm of their inevitable descent into fascism. Imagine how bad it would have been if someone with the oratory skills of Hitler and the brutal efficiency of Stalin had been the nominee instead…

As it is, the idea that we will probably get four (maybe fewer) years of incompetent nincompoopery followed by a protracted period of people realising that voting for populist demagogues is a really bad idea is the only thing that fills me with hope right now. Just think, we didn’t even need to have another world war to achieve it; thanks, voters of America!

(I knew there was a reason I chose this username).


Yeah, it was - from a reality-based perspective. But I’ve been reading up a little on some of these conspiracy theories concerning Hillary, and they’re pretty nasty in their accusations. For people who believed these things - and tRump encouraged that - they see it as someone getting away with a list of the most heinous crimes imaginable, and tRump saying that she’d suffered enough is downright appalling.

The problem is, although some of the people he’s surrounding himself with are crazy idiots, like himself, some are cynical, evil bastards with some nasty agendas and enough smarts to get things done. So unless Cheeto Mussolini gets booted and there’s a staff shake-up, things could get nasty, and for a very long time.


Really the only saving grace is Trump lacks an ideology other than enriching himself.

A demagogue without a manifesto is just another term for oligarch.


(Looks like a guitar, but that’s OK, we can play them the blues sarcastically too.)


The joke’s on all of us.


welcome to the jungle
Watch it bring you to your sha na na na na knees knees



Looks like it wasn’t just the media that took trump literally.


I’m still slightly nervous about the fact that these people are angry over feigned steps towards the center.



Have you ever tried to reason with an angry child who is about to do something dangerous and tried your absolute damnedest to make them understand that you’re not being an arsehole, you just care for them and don’t want to see them get hurt?

There comes a certain (though not inevitable) point in that conversation where rage wins out and nothing you can say or do will persuade them that what you are saying has any merit at all. At that point, you just have to let them do what they were going to do anyway, so that they can make their own mistakes and learn from them.

Yes, the next four years are going to be fucking horrendous and yes, a Republican-dominated Supreme Court in particular has the potential to fuck over a lot of people (read: most of the population of the planet) for a very long time. Even (especially?) if Trump himself is impeached, we are all going to have to deal with the fallout from his election and his choice of appointees for a significant portion of the rest of our lives.

All of that said, I feel the same about Trump as I do about Brexit; the anger would have got worse and worse until someone found a release for it. In the UK, a few media moguls used their influence to convince the electorate to do something that would ultimately be harmful to them. In the US, Trump used his (admittedly impressive) understanding of the way that the media works to convince a significant number of people that despite being a Cheeto-stained, shit version of Mussolini, he was the better person for the job rather than his infinitely more competent opponent. In both cases, I’m glad that the people in charge are such a glaringly-incompetent bunch of self-interested wankers that there will inevitably be some backlash.

The ‘only good fascist’ isn’t a dead one, it’s an incompetent one that convinces people that fascism is an utterly unworkable system.


I suppose the most generous possible reading might be “he realized he never had the authority to prosecute Hillary in the first place.” But to be honest I think his thoughts on such issues just sway with whatever appears to be most advantageous to him from one moment to the next, and his motive to prosecute Hillary evaporated the instant she conceded the election.


Joe Walsh stayed at a hotel that I worked at. By all accounts he was wicked drunk and a decent guy.
Oh, sorry… obviously that was a different Joe Walsh.


We’re gonna’ need a wall.


When he gives rallies I’m sure he is going to continue to say the same shit that he said during the campaign.


I was reading along until I found they included Carl Reiner in with that bunch. Seems out of place. I doubt Carl voted for Trump.