Turn The Tweet Feedback/Beta Testers Needed

Hey - I’ve just launched Turn The Tweet, a website that turns Trump’s negative tweets into donations for organizations that oppose his policies. It’s still in beta and I could use some help and advice in poking around, trying it out and giving me suggestions about how it might be improved.

Also, I need more organizations to channel donations to, so if you work for one or know of one, please pop me a dm.


Food Not Bombs has local chapters and state chapters worth poking.

Also, consider AbleGamers or another accessibility advocate organization.

There are organizations who provide scholarships for people of colour and black folk, consider reaching out there.

I’m not sure if Big Brother/Big Sister mentorship orgs are a thing in the United States, but they do good work

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Any immigration rights organizations or any specific Trans rights organizations? How about something like CAIR?

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Thanks - any org is great, but ideally it would be connected to a keyword that Trump tweets regularly, eg “Fake News” which currently triggers donations to Freedom of the Press Foundation.

Also, for complex reasons, I can only raise money for organizations that I have a relationship with so I need to have a contact at the org who I can work with.

  1. It’s not clear how it gets my money at any point in the pre-sign-up text. (Haven’t signed up to find out if the answer is made clear later.) I would have expected to see it under “How it Works.” I don’t want to give my CC to a random app to make payments on my behalf.

  2. I feel like the key-words/categories/charities layout could be improved. First, it’s unclear whether categories === charities. It seems like it is at the moment, but might not always be? Maybe I get to chose my own charity for a given category? Second, I feel like my expected path would be (1) Select the categories I’m interested in, (2) Select the charities I want to donate to, (3) Pick the keywords. The “categories” listing almost does this except (1) it’s the non-default listing, and (2) it still has “top words” at the top, indicating the primacy of key-words over categories. That said, I get that the who website’s purpose is these keywords, otherwise I could just donate to the charities myself, so I’m not sure the best way to improve this.

  3. small bug report:

  • Click Sign up
  • Click Sign up with Twitter
  • Change your mind, hit Cancel on the form
  • Hit Return to Turn the Tweet
  • Error:


Quick answers;

  1. You load your account with an amount of your choosing - something like $10. Then you pick the keywords you want to “turn” like “fake news” and when that word is tweeted, a donation goes to the org associated with that keyword.

  2. If it gets to the point where we have several organizations in the same category, we might allow users to direct their donations to the charities of their choosing. But for launch, I thought it best to hard-wire the charity to the keyword so that the keyword is directly related to the charity’s work.

2.5) Top words are just the words that I choose (as the admin) to highlight this week and which appear on the front page so they get extra attention.

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I figured that, but it should be a step in How It Works.


Abolutely - that’s why I need help :smiley:

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Cool idea.

Completely non substantive, but drop the "Don’t Get Mad - " line.
I think just “Turn Trump’s Tweets Against Him!” is more powerful anyway, and “Don’t get mad” just pisses me off.


You’re right. It’s not “don’t get mad” it’s “get mad AND”

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