TV spot for a home mechanical bull becomes the "Orgasmic Achiever 2000"


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While that is probably totally SFW I am waiting till I get home.


I think I just found my next Maker project.


They think they’re so clever, but I’m pretty sure those things are actually orgasmic achievers. You know how they used to sell vibrators for use on “sore neck muscles?” Like that.


What…did I just watch?


Pfft. . . you can get a Sybian for only $1300.


Well, when you make a “fitness” device called “Rodeo Boy” and market it largely towards women, there’s already a sub-text…


Psst… a yen is about a penny. So this toy doesn’t actually cost $29,000 million. It’s closer to $290.


Good idea. It’s probably best not to masturbate at work! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s good practice for “rodeo sex” when, during the act of coitus, you call your girlfriend by your ex’s name and you try to stay on for 8 more seconds.


I always wait until I reach the subway.


Well, this looks thoughtfully conceived, smartly designed, and quite user friendly. The value-added “pain area map” shows real insight about customer needs.

I’ll take a dozen.




I will keep my mechanical bull, thank you!


It can be yours for a mere $622.


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