Tweet-bot shares Prince Vultan's greatest hits


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… Freeman?

Well, I don’t know… maybe(?)


I prefer ‘Quinctillius Varus WHERE ARE MY EAGLES!!!’


Edmund Blackadder’s father in Season One.



<3 The Blessed.

Have met him a couple of times at comic/sci-fi conventions, genuinely one of the nicest people you will ever meet, a national treasure.


I worked on some Freeview stuff way back in the day, and he did the tutorial videos. Never met him myself, but everyone who did said he had them in stitches.


Found one of those videos!


This will always be how I remember him best, though:

Richard IV, who reigned for thirteen glorious years.


My daughter will never know why I’m so entertained by Grampy Rabbit in Peppa Pig.


Taking into account all of Queen’s oeuvre, I think the Flash Gordon theme is, by far, superior to the Highlander theme. But maybe Highlander is the better movie? It’s hard to say.


Gordon’s alive? Huh… I’d have thought it’s “Who wants to live forever. DIVE!”


Gordon’s alive!?
Nope. Sheer heart attack.
M’kay. Show must go on.


Who wants to live forever?


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