Twitter apologizes for saying mailbomber's threats didn't violate its rules


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Cesar Sayoc Jr., Florida man, arrested in pipe bomb case; van with 'right wing paraphernalia' seized

Okay, the image explains what the German Flag looking design was on the van: “The Unconquered Seminoles of Florida”


Twitter not taking threats seriously? I am shocked! Shocked they didn’t ban her account for reporting it.


I’m sure they’ll get around to suspending her for posting screenshots of his tweets later today.


In all honesty, if Twitter started applying its own rules to the letter, they would quickly have to ban a large part of their userbase and probably go under.



I might be ok with that…


They can start with the MAGAbomber’s hero (who, by the way, was complaining because Twitter deleted a lot of his follower’s accounts – which happened to be fakes).


Dark humor ahead:

What a hipster.

“I was getting threatened by him before it was cool.”


We need a “Funny but don’t like” option. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I believe twitter is a 45 follower, he wasn’t punished for threat’s to this woman and yet, I was put in time out for calling sarah suckabee sanders a skank.


I deleted my Twitter account. No regrets.


I am absolutely, without question, OK with that.





To be fair, that’s a pretty sexist insult.


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No one “deserves” sexism, not even SHS.

She’s a terrible person due to her behavior and the things she says; “skank” refers to a woman’s promiscuity and/or personal hygiene, two factors that have nothing to do what actually makes her a shitty human being.

Scorn and ridicule are fine, but using sexist terms to denigrate someone you disdain isn’t.

There’s plenty of other valid issues to judge her on…



Every Fortune 5000 executive lies. :roll_eyes:


If ever there were a more appropriate time to employ this hashtag…


and a real apology tends to have three or four (preferably) parts, not all of which I see having been made to Ms. Ritchie, especially the fourth part: