Twitter responses to Bill O'Reilly's inane "Tips of the Day"


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I love this one simply because it apparently never occurred to him that he’s just been putting on extra weight.


“Most mistakes are accidental.” --Bill O’Reilly

If Yogi Berra said this it would sound quaint and folksy, from Bill-O it sounds like textbook stupidity. Probably because Yogi was an affable guy, and Bill is kind of a loudmouth jerk. (And by “kind of” I mean “obviously.”)


And the lazy conspiracy, casually falling out of his mouth as to scream “I have zero reasoning skills”.


Obviously given the choice between “I’m not as fit as I used to be” and “there’s a global conspiracy to trick me into buying slacks that aren’t big enough to accommodate my ass” he’s going to go with the latter.


Without looking (my mental health isn’t worth it), I get the feeling that O’Reilly’s tips for the day are going to be like third rate Viz Top Tips (NSFW).


I’ve given the whole thing a lot of thought (at least 5 minutes now), the post is about measurements and nothing about the garment industry.


Especially since the opposite has happened. With the increase in overall weight in the western world, general sizes like Medium, Large, etc. have inflated.


Not to defend the insufferable asshole in question, but it is commonplace for women’s clothing to be inaccurately sized, in an attempt to psychologocally manipulate the consumers.

I have no idea if it’s the same for men’s attire, but it’s also very likely that O’Reilly has just put on some weight.


It kind of is, but it goes the other way. My actually 40" waist fits nicely into 36" waist jeans from the Gap. So…doesn’t bode well for Mr. O’Reilly.


This is what would have happened if Paul Harvey had decided to target particularly dimwitted and ignorant old people.


So… maybe he wears women’s clothing?
He’s huge, it must be tough to find his size.


Deep Thoughts


These may be as good as hearing Larry King’s Tweets as read by Ralph the Talking Computer.


ROFL - it’d be funny as hell if O’Reilly actually was 6’3 and 239 lbs.



6’4" and 210? Is that on the Trump measurement system?


Size differs from brand to brand, it’s no secret, and its even less of a conspiracy.




It’s also quite possible that that his weight hasn’t gone up but redistributed so that his waist is still bigger. And worse stuff fits different depending on how squishy one is even at the same measurements because stuff cuts in less when one is firm.

I’m a squishy person with petite bones so I wear larger clothes than most people with my weight.

And of course sizes have actually been moving in the opposite direction, it’s pretty well documented. Smaller to save money is silly on the face of it b/c lager sizes in the same brand don’t cost more. People would just buy the xl for the same price as the l, no savings.