Twitter’s ad manager volume activity fell 85% in November

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Musk seems to think he can make up for the devastating shortfall with revenue from users who are willing to pay $8 a month ($11 for iPhone owners) to get better seats to his dumpster fire. Sounds like a winning plan!


So, when is that interest payment on the loan due again?


Migration to Fediverse (mostly Mastodon) has been happening like bonkers in my circles. The entirety of Infosec twitter seems to have moved in the last week.

Ad-model destroyed! Mission accomplished! I wish that were true.

That video is excellent. I didn’t know Adam Conover had a vlog. :grin: That guy is great.

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Lauren Weinstein called it months ago. The RISKS Digest Volume 33 Issue 20 (

Why Twitter May Be Doomed

Lauren Weinstein

Mon, 9 May 2022 14:56:01 -0700

If a Musk “new regime” ruling @Twitter permits all speech that “is legal” – Twitter is doomed. Because the parade of legal (in the U.S.) hate speech that will flood the platform will drive away most advertisers, brands, and support services that Twitter needs to operate.


Wow! Nice to see Adam really let loose, with Fbombs and all. Like Cody, and John Oliver, Jon Stewart and… wait, where are the actual journalists? The Serious People? David Corn… ummm. Any suggestions on others?

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You might enjoy his podcast Factually. It is equally unfiltered and covers s wide range of interesting topics


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