Two oil tankers attacked in Gulf of Oman

Anyone else glad they got 15 gallons of gas last night lol?

Damn. I actually saw I was low on gas last night but was like “the fill light hasn’t come on so I got another 40 odd miles”.


S U S P I C I O U S eh comrades?

Old data but, you get the idea:

“Russia expects to run a budget deficit of $48.1 billion in 2016. If Russian oil exports are valued at $71.52 billion in 2016, that means Russia would have to export $48.1 billion more oil in order to break even just on its budget deficit. That comes to approximately $68 a barrel, assuming daily production of 4.8 million barrels.” (2016)


i’m not saying this is what happened, i’m not quite ready to make a tin-foil hat.

that said, if i were to find out that john bolton had privately convinced the leadership in a country with enough of a navy to have submarines (wikipedia says there are 35 such countries) to try to sink a tanker or two in the persian gulf and try to make it look like the iranians did it, it wouldn’t even slightly surprise me.


Much as I would love to point at you and laugh for even suggesting such a thing, with the state we are in now, I would believe it in a NY minute. That makes me sad. :expressionless:

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it is a sign of how unhinged our times have become that i’m even willing to express that thought semi-publicly. in the administration that currently runs my country it is the most deranged who get to determine reality.


My question is why Iran would attack tankers that literally just bought oil from them?


Can’t remember now if that Gulf of Tonkin incident really was US perfidy or not.

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radar returns on whitecaps, probably.

Ya I filled up for like 2.50 on Wednesday night. Gas shot up to 2.80 in PA as of this afternoon. I got like a 30 cent discount.

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My guesses, as a complete layman, are that this is either:

  1. Bad state actors trying to create a casus belli against Iran;
  2. Some bunch of terrorists trying to create general havoc by stirring shit up.
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No subs required. SEALs and limpet mines.


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the owners of the tankers are now saying that the ships were struck by objects flying above the water–

edited for spelling.


Rocket Propelled Grenade?

American predator drone?

The CIA is the one that runs the predator and globalhawk programs.

The more I read this, the more this seems like an actual false flag attack.