U.S. budget deficit now $739 Billion, despite GOP promises and Trump tariffs

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38.8% more than the same period a year ago


but her emails


It’s adorable that anyone still thinks GOP leaders have the capacity for embarassment.


despite GOP promises and Trump tariffs


Please media and all others recall, and record, how all republicans (large and small) responded to this unchecked growth in the deficit under their watch; because as sure as God made little greenbacks the very moment a democrat is in the whitehouse they will fume, rend their garments, and shake their fists over how the deficit grows (even slightly) under a progressive government. At that point (and forever-after) they should be badgered mercilessly with proof of their utterly lack of concern at this time (“Thou hypocrite! burn in political hell! Get thee to K-street and suffer the indignity of becoming the briber instead of the bribee”)




GOP promises… worth less than the paper they’re printed on.


I feel like if I were a Dem running for pres, this catastrophic mismanagement of the govt. would be the thing I shriek about all day and all night.

ETA: My Dad is pretty conservative, and last time we argued politics, he pointed out that he complained about Obama’s deficit for years, then the Republicans got in and enshrined that deficit in law. He feels like he’s a conservative without a party.


they never cared about the deficit. What they care about is being cruel towards the poor. With democrats in control that meant forcing the government to spend less on social programs and the deficit was an useful excuse to justify that. With GOP in control they can simply give all the money to the rich, the deficit explodes but as long as government is cruel towards the poor everything is fine. And I think they’ve passed the point where justifying cruelty is something they need to do, it’s their official stance now.


Don’t worry, they’ll care about the debt again once we have a Democratic president.


To be embarrassed would imply some kind of standard or moral principles. Present day republicans are not hampered by such guidelines. They are little people with a need to inflate their flaccid ego’s regardless of casualties to the people around them or the nation they are destroying.


GOP: Obama is the worst president ever! He made the deficit so huge!
Also GOP: Clinton was even worse! A total disaster! Horrible with money!
Clinton: Hey, remember when I balanced the budget and actually had a surplus? No? Okay then.


Nothing’s changed here.

The deficit and the debt got bigger under George W. and the GOP didn’t really care (“Deficits don’t matter”-- Richard “Dick” Cheney.) Yet when the debt got bigger under Obama it was a travesty to them. Now it doesn’t matter again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

The last time the national debt was actually going down was under Clinton, when we had a very small tax increase on the wealthy.

If there were a way to shove all this history into a concise question you could spring on a Republican during a town hall it would be really really sweet. " If tax cuts for the wealthy are supposed to fix the deficit then why not just have them pay zero taxes, that would fix everything quickly, right?"


Shhhh! Don’t give away the GOP 2020 playbook!


Well, at least our roads and bridges are in tip top shape, we all have healthcare and can afford a college education! Oh, wait…


The problem is they just don’t give a damn. How many embarrassing side-by-side videos do we have now of GOP guys contradicting themselves? And what does it do? That’s because “what you see and what you hear is not really what’s going on”.


No, they’ll just blame it on Hillary’s Emails.

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This is hardly new. Conservative politicians are always giant deficit hawks when they aren’t in power. This isn’t always entirely bad, as it is usually the job of official oppositions to criticize the sitting government. The problem is that this hawkishness evaporates the second they’re elected into power. Then they have a habit of making the deficits they just spent years griping about look like pocket change. And somehow their supporters are always oblivious to this discrepancy.

I hear “fiscal conservative” i think “will go into debt deeper and faster than a college student with a new credit card and self control issues”.


I agree, but you are missing why. First they want an economy geared towards shifting money towards the rich. When that starts to cause problems, they want to shift the costs of those problems to the poor (and if need be the middle). That presents a buying opportunity for the rich.

It isn’t about absolute growth, it’s about getting a larger percent of control over everything.