Uh oh. Lauren Boebert tells Americans not to be distracted by "the natural"... "We are taking ground in the spirit world"

Ah, but you’re assuming that the grift is genuinely believed/is an honest statement, when it’s all dishonest grift.

The point is to represent corporations and defend the rich/consolidate $$$. This is just the most recent verbal tactic to do so. When this eventually doesn’t work, it’ll just change to something else.

TBH, we’ve got the same thing on the “liberal” side. Just look at all the advertising (from polluting mega corps trying to sell product) that their product is “green” or helps save little Salvadorean children or whatnot. Same grift, just that one side forces at least the illusion of being benign.


also, ineffable. See Good Omens. :smiling_imp:


The metaphysical equiv of “Because I said so.”

Shittiest reason for someone doing anything, ever.


Lutheranism kept most of the thousand-plus year old theological tradition of Roman Catholic Church, and is big on things like the clergy having graduate degrees in theology from respectable universities/seminaries. Plus the Lutheran churches tend to have firm church hierarchies (in the Nordic countries, for example, the Lutheran state churches ended up almost an arm of the state). Both of these vastly reduce the odds of some charismatic nutbar going off and founding his own church with hookers and blackjack.


Their table salt now has zero gluten.


Oh, you’ve hit one of my personal fucking absolute anger inducing points: products advertising that they have no gluten when they’ve never had gluten, or sensibly would never have gluten.

I’ve got a friend with celiac disease who hates, but at least has a bit of a sense of humor about it. “why would my laundry detergent have fucking gluten?!?”

Even worse are the products that can be labeled “gluten free” because they have below a certain amount (but aren’t actually totally free of gluten). This can F-up people with particularly harsh celiac.


Can you imagine talking to her at a party?


Seriously. Pass all the crazy laws you want in the spirit realm. Just leave “the natural” to the rest of us.



Yup, check out.



(I am so done… Just nuke the fucking planet from space.)


I’ll believe the ass.

I got to ask, the two-legged or the four-legged variety?
(I am inclined to trust the four-legged variety braying “I am here” is all the information I need to determine who is telling the truth, albeit in an indirect manner.)

Pretty sure she lost the thing a long time ago.

Oh, really
I thought that the ‘unseen’ is, like, UNSEEABLE.

So, she is basically claiming to be one of those special ones that is privy to Knowledge that us mere mundanes aren’t.
Oh, yeah, right. I forgot she is a follower of Q.
I wonder what that god of hers thinks about that?

Copeland? Yeah, this guy…
Ah, is she trying to suck up to another fellow grifter, or what?

You are quite correct. But we could probably come up with some reasonable parameters

Yeah, but have you any idea of the amount of processed food items that have no reason to have gluten in them that do?

If you are properly coeliac you can’t take any processed food that is not prepared to call itself gluten free. All my veg and what have you are fine but if it’s in a package and it comes into the house it says gluten free or it’s on a list as being gluten free that we checked before it came in or there’s vomit everywhere and days of pain. Whether that be something obvious like baking powder, or something less like chocolate or ice cream (which have “never had gluten” in them, yet actually do unless they are willing to call themselves gluten free) and it’s a genuine pain when you are shopping.


I’m well familiar with the issues due to a close friend that is pretty severely celiac (see previous comment), so I’m not taking the “never had gluten” lightly.

I’m specifically raging against the shitball companies that are using it as an advertising point to people who have no issues with gluten except when it benefits them to post things online, specifically the companies that say “gluten free” when they’re not (but they do meet a maximum amount limit), which can still cause issues for the particularly sensitive (again, see previous comments).

C’mon “gluten free water”?..


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