UK PM Theresa May nukes climate change department, appoints a climate denier as Climate Secretary


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Canada just got rid of a man who muzzled scientists and refused to address or acknowledge climate change… and the UK got someone who seems to be worse than him?

Anyone familiar enough with both Harper and May want to weigh in?

UK PM Theresa May nukes climate change department, appoints a climate denier as Climate Secretary
Take that, EU!


Most generous reading:

Although I don’t see why they couldn’t have kept Climate Control in the department name.


Good luck trying to grow the economy on burning things while the rest of your closest trading partners are moving away from it.


Cupidity and stupidity know no gender.


It’s just a matter of time until Brawndo muscles its way into the mix


To be fair to Leadsom (and I never thought I’d type that). She has since said she received briefings on the matter and is convinced that human climate change is real and dangerous.


As dangerous as male nannies?




Why couldn’t they have made Brian May or James May PM instead. *sigh*


Yes! We could replace the national anthem with the Star Fleet theme!


Fun fact for non-Canadians: The leader of Canada’s Green Party, and probably the brightest and best-informed politician in the country, is Elizabeth May (no relation). No, UK, you can’t have her.


C’mon 2016. You’re better than this.


Though she should probably do something about the MRA’s putting stuff about repealing no fault divorce in her party’s platform.


Plus. she’ll think of the children.


The Greens attract their share of weirdos and opportunists, true, but at least they acted promptly to dump that Holocaust denier. My love for Elizabeth remains boundless.


Theresa May’s first act as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

The UK’s bloody disaster in the making!


yes, this is not the kind of action that will result in immediate death and destruction right now, I expected much more out of 2016.


Clearly the inmates are now running the asylum, and it’s spreading world-wide. I’m gonna try to find a nice comfortable cave somewhere…

Added 7/17: Why do I keep hearing Monty Python voices when I look at the picture of these two lovely ladies???