Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke's daughter Maya cast in 'Stranger Things 3'


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Do… do they mean a punk? Because no one was “alternative” in 1984. They are confusing 1984 with 1994…


i mean, she could be playing an Andron… there were lots of those.


An ancient greek physician?


Or a Cylon!


Well, there was the “girl,” but she couldn’t make it, so…


I’m unsure what you mean? I guess I’m missing the joke.


Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke’s daughter Maya cast in ‘Stranger Things 3’

Bad luck Maya. I ended up doing the same job that my parents did too.


So they are moving on to the 90s?


I guess we’ll see, but probably not.


I kinda hope, because I worried that season 1 was a one-trick-pony and season 2, as I feared, didn’t really have much new to offer. IMO the show is at its essence a nostalgia injection device, and moving on to a new decade would give it a chance to find some new ground.


Maybe. But I think we’re still trying to get at what the upside down is precisely, how it was opened in the first place (I mean, yes, it was the powers that eleven/Jane has, but how was that connected), and how many others like her are out there. They certainly showed the conspiracy was wider with her “sister”… I think there is lots they could do to answer some of these questions in the time frame it’s already set in.

And besides, wasn’t Will’s brother an “alternative” kid anyway… I mean, he listened to the Clash, right?


There’s no way it’s set in the '90s given that the first season was set in 1983, but maybe the show has just moved on to '90s references? Because hiring the daughter of two very '90s actors, playing a '90s archetype would make sense then. I suspect, however, that it’s just coincidence mixed with anachronistic description (and, to be fair, Hawke and Thurman both were acting in the '80s), given the significant role that the '80s setting/nostalgia plays. Sometimes the meta-80s-ness of the show gets a bit confusing.


That was the source of my original joke, which seems to have been turned into a serious discussion! Not that I’m opposed to that at all!

I think it’s because the nostalgia for the 80s was created by people who learned about the 80s primarily through 80s movies. they were born in 84, which means they only probably directly remember the last part of the 80s, but their aesthetic seems to me to be pure mid 80s.




Um… had not heard that. I suppose they could put her in black face, but that would be super-racist. Doesn’t the use of that term itself seem kind of racist? Maybe @Scott_Robles could come clarify what they mean.


Maybe she doesn’t like Mondays?


No, Cylons were more like andirons than androns - or am I thinking of Daleks?

“Don’t be fatuous, Sockdoll!”



A sorta Burgundy. Sounds about right.


Beware of Maya!