Underwater "river" of hydrogen sulfide


Sorry… sitting

I don’t mean to be picky (which means I am about to be picky) but this guy is not sitting “where fresh and salt water meet.” That boundry, the halocline, is at a shallower depth, usually between 35 and 50 feet deep in these cenotes. The halocline doesn’t present as “murk.” If you manage to approach it without disturbing it, the halocline looks almost like a mirror in the water. Passing through it is like stepping into a Van Gogh painting, everything is sort of swirly.

Either way, this place (Cenote Angelita) is stunning!

It looks like a scene from an 80s kids movie.

No need to link to Daily Mail and give them extra ad revenue.
You can find the same images at www.thisiscolossal.com


I’m a bit confused by this. Pretty sure I read that hydrogen sulfide can be absorbed through the skin, and that it’s not safe to dive in areas where water is saturated with it.

Specifically this part of the Photography page http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2013/07/underwater-river/

The person who posted the photos on that site is relying on the word of the photographer Anatoly Beloshchin, as mentioned at the bottom of the post on that page.

Agreed. Please don’t link to this hateful newspaper’s website (unless it’s drawing attention to their nastiness).

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