Undocumented Americans



Translated: the DOJ is expelling a woman as a “material supporter of terrorism” because she had been previously enslaved by the people who murdered her husband.

Or, from another case:





That’s only the border, of course; ICE raids in the interior are another thing.


An interview with the Senator from Oregon.

I wish CBC’d provide better random access to their shows (i.e. a link with a time code like YouTube).

Click on “Listen to the full episode” and set the time to 24:00.

Family Separation Senator
U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley has visited a Texas border facility where minors are being held, apart from their parents — and he says he’s haunted by what he saw.

Oregon seems blessed with two Senators who don’t mind digging into the dirt.


Speaking of which…


Blending of immigration detention with the regular prison system proceeding on schedule.



Entirely predictable.






Fairly long article, but well reported.


Every day.


Parents and children detained at the US border can be separated and fall into very different legal tracks.

And completely different bureaucratic systems. (Listen to that interview with Senator Jeff Merkley I posted above.)

Justice Department lawyer Sarah Fabian replied that once a parent is in ICE custody and the child is taken into the Health and Human Services system, the government does not try to reunite them

Hell, they probably have no way of reuniting because the two bureaucratic systems have no linking records connecting the parents and the kids.

This sounds like a violation of the whole notion of custody and habeas corpus, for a start.


And shits all over the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

But, of course, the US is the only country that refused to sign that…because it forbids executing children.


Point of fact. Illegal entry is a crime in much the same way staying 30 minutes in a 15 minute parking zone is: a civil offense.

So let’s apply your logic to a parking violation. Should the recipient of a parking violation be detained and their children remanded to CPS?


An excellent reason to separate parents from their children, don’t you agree? Let’s do this to every person who double parks or stays too long in a parking place. I mean, the law basically says we have to, right? It’s basically their own fault? /s


100 miles, Mr. Expert:

[map does not include zones around international airports in the interior]

For someone so concerned about protecting this country, it’s interesting that you’re so willing to surrender the rights that define it in large geographic areas of it.