Unsettlingly realistic dog head masks


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No Dalmatians? Come on–we need a Dalmatian to go with someone’s Cruella de Vil cosplay. And Paddy the Pitbull looks ready to revive the Spuds Mackenzie craze.

They do however remind me of the novel Lives Of The Monster Dogs that wasn’t nearly as unsettling as I’d hoped it would be.


In this, as in so many other ways, cats are just better.


They look almost photoshopped in those photos. Of course, I suppose they could be. I don’t find them overly unsettling though.


The lifelike Weimaraner masks aren’t unsettling so much as hilarious.




Came here to say the same. On their own they look fine, but being worn they look like bad Photoshop jobs. I wonder if they have that same effect in real life.



That’s brilliant, I’m going to start doing that.


I kinda hope they do. That would definitely add to the unsettling factor.


That guy’s laughter had me in tears.


Well, there’s ONE fetish that I do not have,


But still such a good read! I’ve been trying to remember the title, so I could keep watch for any new works by Kirsten Bakis. Thanks for the mention!


Pedantry time:

Paddy The Pit bull looks more like an English “Bull Terrier” than what is commonly called a Pit bull in the US.

compare with:

See? They look completely different.


The sunglasses?


I predict a tremendous rise in red light camera photos of falsely plated Honda Civics driven by collies.


I call them “Patton Dogs.”




Dammit Japan, stop creeping us out