Unvaccinated minors banned from public places in NY's Rockland County

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I want to be vaccinated from stupid people.


I find it interesting they only chose to enforce the ban on minors. It is one of the most contagious diseases there is. Anyone who is not vaccinated is at risk. Is it just that older generations have such a high rate of immunity they can be left out?

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Well, that is essentially true, but generally that cohort is cited as “Born prior to 1954,” somewhat over 18 I would say. I am guessing that the issue here is that governments have more leeway in proscribing behavior in minors than with adults.


Have they forgotten measles is good for you? Ten essential nutrients! Also, something something big pharma.


Yep, because people who refuse to vaccinate their kids are totally going to keep their kids home.

It’s only a matter of time before I get the measles, isn’t it. :frowning:


Do you live near an area where there’s been outbreaks?

While I don’t fault the intent, I do wonder how enforceable such a ban is, even if full parental cooperation was an actual factor.


Luckily, no.

Yeah, I don’t think you can enforce it. And there’s probably only a small chance that you could even punish someone after the fact.


Ah yeah, the Rock…my home town.


Is there a reason you can’t be vaccinated? If not, given the number of outbreaks we are seeing, I urge you to get it done.


It’s kind of a reverse quarantine, so should be enforceable like a traditional quarantine. These anti-vaxxers should be treated like carriers, as in Typhoid Mary.

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If I recall correctly, this particular outbreak began because of the religious fundie “the Invisible Bearded Sky Man™ will protect us” variety of anti-vaxx stupid.


This is a very interesting turn of events. Rockland County has recently experienced measles outbreaks almost entirely within the large, but self-sequestered Hasidic communities that have developed there. Rockland is also home to lots and lots of NYC commuters and suburbanites which has led to dramatically increased property values which has in turn led to endless clashes over governance with the Hasidic population (taxes, zoning, planning boards, etc). I am very curious to see how this will play out. The tension there has been brewing for a long time.

Edited to clarify object of statement.


I’m not comfortable with the way this ban is structured. Strictly targeting minors feeds into the idea that minors are a class of people with no rights. I’d really rather see a more old fashioned restriction on accessing any public gathering without regard to age. It’s better suited to addressing the public health side without feeding an unhealthy political narrative.

It never helps to ask those folks if the Lord protected all of his followers from the year 31 to 1900.all of whom are now dead.


Elephant in the room: https://forward.com/news/national/417390/measles-is-hitting-ultra-orthodox-communities-why-arent-they-vaccinating/ (Note that the Jewish Forward/Yiddisher Forverts is a major Jewish paper in New York; this isn’t some sort of alt-right libel.)

Anti-vaxx sentiment is a new enough phenomenon that there isn’t that significant a population of unvaccinated adults.

CDC says it’s 1957 for MMR, 1980 for varicella. I was born in 1956 and never got the MMR shot. I had both rubeola and rubella before the shots were available, and received a stand-alone mumps vaccine in 1968 or 1969 (not a moment too soon, since puberty was very much on the horizon and mumps has complications in adult males). MMR wasn’t offered until 1971.


And it’s just the followers of a couple of rebbes, not the broader Haredi community. As a contrary example, Kiryas Joel / Palm Tree has a vaccination rate higher than that of the state at large (and hasn’t had significant outbreaks, I think there may have been a case or two).


Yeah, I’ve heard rumblings of the more radical elements taking hold. I’m not terribly informed as I don’t feel like I can trust/respect much of the discourse around it and our Jewish community has no real crossover.

Is that right? Interesting. I wonder if some of this is motivated or aided by those community leaders?


Ain’t no cure for stupid.


Nature keeps producing more profound, more virulent cases of stupidity.