Urine-drinking anti-vaxxer was denied dinner with Trumps after paying $11,000

Edmund: Enter. [Baldrick and Percy come in, carrying bottles. Edmund sits up and we see he that his face is tired and drawn] So soon?

Percy: You said today. [They set the bottles on the table]

Edmund: Yes, well, I’m not feeling very thirsty at the moment. I had an egg-cup full of stagnant water three weeks ago… Oh all right, come on, let’s get on with it. [He stands up]

Baldrick: Should we drink each other’s or stick to our own?

Edmund: Is Captain Rum joining us for this bring-a-sample party, or is he going to sit this one out?

Percy: Oh no, he’s been swigging his for ages. He says he likes it. Actually, come to think of it, he started before the water ran out.