US deploying 275 troops deploying to Iraq


Prophecy fulfilled.


Wait, I’m confused; does that 275 troops include special forces and the CIA, or are we still not counting those?


I want to throw every shoe in my closet at this motherfucker.


How about we round up Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Rice, their entire families, and anyone who contributed more than $1k to that presidential campaign, drop them in Baghdad with a box of ammo and some faulty body armor, and tell them they can come home when they’ve cleaned up their own goddamned mess?


Have we ever counted those? Thank God for one thing - if Romney was president it would be 275,000.


What’s the problem with this. We need to secure the embassy in case things really get fucked up and they have bug out Vietnam style.

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275 troops is plenty, by Jingo! If that al-Baghdadi sap and his ISIS patsies try anything shifty, our boys will sort 'em out. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Well, first we should probably have Dick Cheney talk to some Iraqi people again and find out if we’ll be greeted as liberators or not. Last time he was really spot on about it.

in case things really get fucked up

Too late.

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we need outrage!

How about we save the shoes and just throw him?


The US created the largest and most expensive embassy in the world in the center of the nation they destabilized.

This problem is entirely of US making, falling victim to the most famous classic blunder, “never get involved in a land war in Asia.”

Out of a plane over Iraq, hopefully.

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