US Government leaves migrant children in vans for up to 39 hours

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We shouldn’t tolerate this kind of treatment for violent felons in government custody, let alone innocent children.


Yes my fellow Americans, we have devolved into a Fascist State in its purest form of racism / hate / bigotry / and total lack of human compassion.

Please vote and help people get registered to vote, we can not allow this to continue.


The karma the USA is generating over the course of this Presidency is going to be kicking our collective asses for decades. It’ll be worth remembering when the USA finally falls from global superpower status, and everybody is flipping out.


Good thing those vans have air-conditioning, right? /s


This is what this country has become. It was headed here for a long time, too.


This is a feature, not a bug.

The perps running the forced separation policy will consider this to be a highly desirable side-effect.


So, we are now one step away from the gaswagens of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. How many are going to die over the summer?


cruel irony…look how we treat actual citizens of the US…

Thinking we’d treat non citizens any better is ludicrous.

Again…it is clear a majority of this nation only gives a damn about people when they are still in the womb…after they come out, fuck em.


Won’t somebody think of the children, as long as they’re not brown?

For fuck’s sake, this is a disgrace.


Class C misdemeanor * 37 * number of vans = Texas is a racist pile of shit that selectively enforces child safety laws.


I wonder what portion of this is just due to a lack of competent staff. It’s difficult to imagine that anyone who was qualified to care for young children would want to take a job with an agency as monstrous as what ICE has become.


And “Save The Babies!” pro-lifers in many southern states are outraged about this maltreatment of children and are protesting against it. Oh wait… that didn’t happen.


Unfortunately, every state has a racists pile of shit problem, some states just have bigger piles.


I wonder if Texas would claim “it’s a federal van we don’t have jurisdiction”? Or be proud it’s happening there?

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Karma ?

China claimed that Tibet used slavery for an excuse to invade.

Putin claimed prior ownership of parts of Ukraine was sufficient political capital for annexation of Crimea.

Anyone want to see what Trump will give up Alaska and the Pacific Northwest for his kids right to rule as monarchs ?

Fuck karma.

Well Texas isn’t an entity with a single thought. I have no doubt there are good people in Texas that find this horrific and no doubt there are people that probably quipped it was a shame they didn’t all die.

I’m sure every state has some of both of these groups, with only the ratio changing.

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Sorry – didn’t mean to imply that. I was thinking the government of Texas, which naturally remained in my head.

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What were the employees thinking is a really good questions. Malicious? Incompetent? Both? Something else. The BBS post is thin of details and I haven’t dug further. I did some child care when I was younger and if I had sole responsibility for children, there were processes in place around handing off responsibility of the children to another responsible adult before I could leave, for any reason.


I don’t see any evidence that you know much about the concept of karma. It simply means “action,” much like the propagation of waves through a medium.

I’m not sure what the China/Tibet thing has to do with anything I said.