Utah's paper of record calls for Orrin Hatch to step down: "his utter lack of integrity that rises from his unquenchable thirst for power"


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Term limits, and forcing congress critters to wear jackets like Nascar, showing their sponsors are two ideas that are long overdue for enacting.


Ok, I’ve got it now…the first paragraph is about Trump, not Hatch. I googled without avail to try to recall Hatch being convicted (or accused) of rape.

The brain is slow the morning after Xmas…


Living in a state with term limits, I don’t find them to be a particularly good thing. Your legislators end up with their only vested interest being in climbing into another state-level or national elected position. Then there’s the scorched Earth policies they enact because they won’t be around in a few years when it becomes painfully evident how badly they screwed their constituents.

Sponsorship jackets, though…a million times yes.


I prefer what Mark Thomas suggested 20 years ago. Force them them sing the company jingle or say “this view is sponsored by X” whenever they speak. You could find out who is paying which politicians simply by doing a search in Hansard or the Congressional Record.


I’d rather outlaw sponsorship/donations*. It’s outright bribery and should have no place in a sane democracy

(*possible exception, a very small per person/company donation, equal to 1 hours minimum wage, per year)


Be careful asking those old guys to step down.


…best wishes for the New Year.


:musical_note: Somebody didn’t read the article… :musical_note:

“Grateful for this great Christmas honor from the Salt Lake Tribune.”



Is that like a “Dotard?”


Just imagine if no one had explained what “dotard” meant to Trump - we could have seen him re-tweet all manner of “Dotard of the Year” awards. Although he’s still done similar - tweeted about newspaper articles that he thought supported him and his positions which obviously didn’t read, because they didn’t. (Though his followers don’t read them either, so they generally work in his favor.)


You can say all the mean things about Republicans and they just come back with, “I know you are but what am I?” Then they steal your wallet and date your daughter.


“His utter lack of integrity that arises from his unquenchable thirst for power.”

That’s something we’ve experienced too much of but rarely see so plainly put in ‘print’.


A quibble: Orrin Hatch isn’t even the longest serving current US Senator; that’s Patrick Lahey who has two years on Hatch (42 y v 40 y); Robert Byrd, namesake of all things in West Virginia, served for 51 years.


Orrin Hatch is my senator and I cannot even begin to tell you how much I hate him. I have called his office several times to leave messages about how horrible he is and exactly what horrible thing I hate him for this week. Feels pointless, but eh, maybe someone working in his office had a sad while checking his voice mail because I described him as reprehensible and lacking a soul.

But seriously seeing the trib talk about him like this was a huge shock. I pegged them as being way too cowardly to say anything like this.


It said longest-serving Republican senator.


“Utahn” huh?
I almost want to be one so I can be called that.
Way to cut to the chase.


Honest question: how representative is the Tribune of the rest of the state? Does it represent the views of Utahns as as the NYT represents the views of the country? Salt Lake City is relatively progressive compared to the rest of the state. So how much influence does this have outside of the city?


Hatch’s original campaign slogan: “What do you call a Senator who’s served in office for 18 years? You call him home.”