Vermont's GOP governor on Trump: "The president abused his powers...He shouldn't be in office."

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I wonder how long he will remain in the GOP, given that it is now wholly owned by Trump?




As a state governor, he will fair much better than Romney

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Where in the fuck were all these “heroes” when the assclown was being elected in the first place?!?

JHC. If you have real dirt on the jackass, spill it. If you have evidence of wrongdoing, share it. If you have a negative opinion of him, say it.



Of course, this is the same governor that just vetoed paid family leave. Cause he’s still an asshole.


To be fair, this guy refused to support Trump during his election:


fair enough on this one. But Romney could have held his ground instead of sucking up for a state dept spot. And all the others that ran against him and saw exactly how he was first hand could have stood their ground too.

I’m tired of this. Maybe its because I am in independent and feel zero connection to either party. I don’t know.


Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll have something to say really soon about the other 99% of the GOP who have wholeheartedly embraced Trump and given him complete control of the party, many of whom withdrawing from previously expressed long-term “principles” rather than risk upsetting their leader and drawing his fire.

I’m not saying it’s like Stalinism (because Stalin was orders of magnitude smarter than Trump and had actual long-term geopolitical understanding) but’s not wholly unlike Stalinism in a lot ways, either.

It’s my opinion that the tiny minority of GOP leaders who “oppose” Trump not because of anything he’s done, but for saying the quiet parts loud.


Even assholes tend to have limits they won’t pass. Seems like governor Scott reached his.

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I agree there are a few boundaries that Trump should be careful about crossing. In particular the idea of taking vengeance on Adam Schiff seems really far fetched. Vengeance in the form of talking shit about Schiff is fine, but if they actually used the power of the administrative branch to go after Schiff (e.g. send the Justice Department to investigate Schiff’s family) I think that might make even some of the no-souls nervous. They’ll talk shit about this governor and there might be stochastic death threats, but I doubt any direct action.

(By contrast, I think Bolton should be thinking about getting out of the country.)


It is the GOP minority like this guy, like Romney, and like John Kaisich who will pick up the pieces when the GOP breaks its Trump fever and guys like Ted Cruz and McConnell look as stupid to everyone as they do now to most reasonable people.


I just don’t know if we can assume there’s a “when” here, instead of an “in the unlikely event.” I’m just not at all sure that our system is robust enough to bring back the norms that make our system work, and I’m even more unsure that the GOP will be able to will itself to do so.

The Treasury Department is defying a subpoena to provide Trump’s records, and has voluntarily turned over to the Senate documents pertaining to Hunter Biden without even asking for a subpoena first. Every time I think that there are no more lines to cross, the GOP comes up with a new personal best.


That’s process stuff. As appalling as I think that is, people didn’t get physically hurt or go to prison. Still I’m a little baffled how they think Hunter Biden is fair game. I tend to think they won’t do anything really severe to Schiff because at some level people in congress have a mutual pact not to harm each other and put each other in prison. But going after the families of former administration members is another place I’d think people would shy away from because of mutually assured destruction. Trump probably doesn’t know their children are people, but doesn’t Mitch McConnell love their kids? Aren’t they worried that the democrats are going to come after them?

I mean, I assume Mitch McConnell just figures the Democrats will always be a step behind in the race to be the most dirty. It just strikes me as a crazy game to be playing.


I hear what you’re saying, and I am also baffled by some of the things the GOP is doing right now. Everything they do seems to assume that there will be no reckoning because none will be possible. I swear to jebus I hope I’m wrong and I’m being a drama queen about this, but at this point I think it is more likely than not Trump gets re-elected and/or refuses to recognize the election results, all the broken norms and broken processes stay broken and our system breaks down. I don’t think our system of government be fixed and go back to what we think of as normal if Trump has another 4 years.

I mean, why would they have any reason to suspect otherwise? The SC may turn into a generational Trump majority, and all of us (me especially) have been waiting for some aspect of the system to step in and check Trump. Doesn’t seem likely at this point, does it?

I don’t think Trump & McConnell et al are playing the same game as the Democrats–We’re out here playing chess, and they’re burning the board and all the pieces.


I hope the GOP goes the way of the USFL.


Well Trump has fired Two White House employees today and recalled a Ambassador today all for testifying against him.
I sure Our President is trying to find ways to hurt Schiff and Romney and this Governor.


Junior tweet in three…two…one…

I’m sure the Orange Occupant of Oval Office will try to do so, but he won’t have an easy tome doing so. He can fire WH employees and recall Ambassadors with ease, because that’s entirely within the President’s power to do, but the three men you mentioned are explicitly not people working for him or the executive branch, or serving “at the President’s pleasure”: Schiff’s a Representative, Romney’s a Senator, and Scott a state-level elected official.

Now sure, Trump may try to trump up investigations or whatever against them. But that’s going to be a big escalation, and it will get a reaction from the members of the Congress and state politicians – not to mention, likely end up being slammed down by the courts as a blatantly unconstitutional move.


One can only hope that he’s stupid enough or undisciplined enough to do exactly what you’ve mentioned. It’s likely going to take a revolution from within to change things. Anything the “libruls” do is perceived as an unamerican invasion from a hostile force, and only causes these dickweeds to double down and circle the wagons.