Vampire killer in trouble for vampire-killing crossbow


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Why can’t he just head to the local church and fill up his super-soaker with Holy Water like everyone else?


Look man, all I’m sayin’ is that he cannot be held responsible when the vampire hordes take over this town!

Sounds to me like the Vampires have managed to get one of their own into gov’t. Or perhaps there is some professional courtesy between Vampires and Politicians.


Note the photo of the homemade crossbow, namely the use of cross-country skis (made from a fairly good composite) as the bow springs. Creative use of materials, possibly even available for free as ski tend to get broken and then abandoned.

Edit: I wonder how much energy can be stored in the bent ski. Any mechanics engineer here who just happens to wield the equations?


He wouldn’t have gotten in trouble had he been American. If nothing else, legislators would have worked out a religious exemption for the weapons laws, toute-suite. It doesn’t matter if there are no vampires, all that matters is that you believe there are vampires.

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Wouldn’t the holy water freeze in the bitterly cold Scandinavian night?

Holy glycol!

Problem solved.


Live in Sweden for at time. I miss it.

Well, duh. What else are you going to hunt vampires with? I mean, really- It’s basically a ranged stake. Genius. You have that and a good head-chopping sword, you’re in good shape.

And holy water, like crosses, doesn’t always work. What if the vampire is Jewish? Or you are?

These modern-day vampires always seem to laugh at crucifixes and holy water, mock your foolish superstitions, and then shudder in fear when you produce a stick. I don’t know, kids these days.

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The vampires also lived in Sweden for a time, but then they stopped.

Well it sure sounds really cool and funny to be in Sweden killing vampires, ha hah. But the only swedish vampires I ever see are like really nice pre-teen eunuchs that don’t like mean bullies. Maybe this asshole should pick on someone his own size huh?

Oh no not mr. macho, oh look its an 11 year old immortal that stalks the night, lets shoot it with a crossbow. You know it would serve him right if he mysteriously disappears some night and is found next spring with his throat accidentally torn open or something, maybe he’d be a little more chill then.

hah, see what I did there, more chill. That’s great.

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I believe that even garlic crystallises to uselessness under such conditions. Mirrors are OK, but as they’re detection only …

There was a relatively short-lived british TV series ‘Ultraviolet’(not the movie or the hilariously baroque DRM scheme by the same name) where this question was explored at some length by the agents of the secretive state agency dedicated to anti-vampire surveillance, counterintelligence, and neutralization.

If memory serves, they concluded that religious symbols were of merely psychological effect; but creatures of darkness were at nontrivial risk of meeting with a disorienting garlic-extract gas grenade followed by a kill team using carbon-tipped rounds and shooting for the heart.

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Criminally underrated show. It should have had a second series.

So is it illegal in Sweden to build a crossbow? Because that is ridiculous.

Or has this guy been labeled and disturbed/dangerous and thus loss of privileges, because it sounds like that would be a prudent move.

One thing I never could stomach about Uddevalla. All the damned vampires.


Came here for this comment. Left happy.

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