Vanilla ISIS needs snacks


“I’d be there if only the gummint sent me the gas money!”


Explosive diarrhea is the gift that keeps on giving.


This one is right up there with the classic “keep your government hands off my Medicare!”


The US Armed Forces has the drone service, but you don’t want what they deliver.


Bag of d*cks on the way!!


Propaganda leaflets?


Eh - what is his disability? Lost a leg in the Army? I’d allow it.

Otherwise, yes, perfect irony.

I have been told that I could probably get at least partial disability, but I still have pride, so…


“Propaganda”, No prop-a-bang-da is what you get.



I don’t know what that means, but it’s cute.


Sit with it awhile.


The ambiguous gifs are annoying. I for one interpret them as “something generic condescending that means that the one posting it was not smart enough to compose an actual reasoning-based reply”.


Well, if was the case then he’d be someone who took up arms on behalf of the Federal government in exchange for a taxpayer-funded paycheck. So still pretty ironic IMHO (unless he was drafted).


Idea: Silent, powered glider drones with low observability in both radar and thermal. Possibly mimicking the signatures of birds (if you cannot get below the threshold of observability, look like something else).

Another possibility is a ballistic delivery of cargo; a high-powered rocket, or cannon-based delivery (potato gun on steroids?) of a payload with a parachute to slow down the landing.


That’s a whopper coming from you, take a break you’re cracking.


I thought you would suggest some sort of complex tunneling machine.


Mmm nope. Dunno. But my passive-aggressive sister thinks I’m an idiot too.


I was wondering how I was going to get rid of all those styrofoam peanuts and glitter I have around the house.

Pack em in a box and ship it away!


Napalm. Best use for packing peanuts is napalm.


A bit too slow. And for the cost of one you can have an entire fleet of drones.

You could even go for single-use rocket-glider hybrid. A cheap electronics package, mass-produced to cut down on the cost, a black styrofoam glider with internal cargo space and some flight control surfaces, get it up to altitude with a rocket or maybe a detachable power plant (push the thing up, then detach and parachute down to be recovered and reused). glide to the target using e.g. a laser guidance (or GPS, if the chipset cost went down enough). The flight parameters won’t be stellar but at lower wind it could be doable.

Assuming the adversary has low immediate electronic warfare capability, the guidance systems could be simplified greatly. Assuming they will react fast, better also prepare a more expensive but more hardened version (or plan for graceful degradation by e.g. switch to dead reckoning if control is jammed) for deployment as needed.