Vaping Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert fondled date's penis in theater

Aw hell, go ahead.
Lookit her jeans–inside her boots.
Whatever it means in Colorado, in Texas, blousin’ can only mean a few things:

In technical terms, the act of tucking is known as “blousing.” It seems to have been a common practice among early Texas Rangers and other figures of the Old West who, the Texanist suspects, tucked out of necessity. They were, after all, out on the tick-filled frontier as often as they were not.

Of the trio of reasons you offered for tucking—to protect the jeans; to display the fancy stitching; and because your daddy used to do it—the Texanist is only buying the last one. One could, after all, argue that wearing your pants over your boots would protect the fancy stitching, which is surely more valuable than any single pair of jeans. And one could further argue that just because something features fancy stitching, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put it on display for the general public’s consumption. For example, do you not have one or two pairs of intricately-designed skivvies earmarked for special occasions? You know, underwear that is different from your everyday, slightly worn-out, holey undershorts with dangerously weakening elasticity in the band? The kind of underwear you wear when you… well, it appears the Texanist has digressed once again. He is sorry. Suffice it to say, you don’t always have to flaunt your finery.

So crooked that if she swallowed a nail she’d spit up a corkscrew.


I’ve heard people saying he’s a Dem who owns a gay bar that has had Drag shows. That’s what people are saying…

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In all fairness it’s probably nigh impossible to wear slim-fitting women’s jeans over cowboy/girl boot tops. So she gets a pass from me on the jeans-tucked-in-boots thing, even though those boots are tacky AF.

That is probably the only thing about her behavior I’m willing to forgive.


I’m with @Mindysan33. Boebert chose to lie down with the misogynist fleas. No sympathy at all. She’s done her share of slutshaming other conservative women, or women trying to leave conservative men. No sympathy at all now that attitude is turned on her.
She’s consistently and repeatedly betrayed other women. Let her FO.
I won’t slut shame her. I don’t see anyone else doing that here either. Just pointing out her hypocrisy and making some ribald jokes.


Just not in a public, all-access theater. :man_shrugging:


When Paul Reubens whipped out his dick in a theater it led to his immediate arrest and destroyed his career for at least a decade. And that happened at a pornographic movie theater where consenting adults came to view explicit sexual material, not an all-ages live theater performance.

If Boebert was being held to the same standards as Reubens then her impromptu performance would have started with an arrest and ended with her getting booted out of congress.


If ANY Democrat did something like this, Republicans would have demanded their removal from office before they had left the theater. But their hypocrisy knows no limits. Wouldn’t be surprised if this kind of behavior means that she’s a rising star in the Trump Cult Swamp party. The Republican Party is corrupt beyond any possibility of redemption.


I dunno. Maybe this is a case where leaning hard into being clear you simply aren’t going to slut shame is sorta useful:

“Rep Boeber’s PDA out of wedlock, public drug use in a state where weed is legal, and her kinks aren’t the issue. The problem is she failed to seek consent, and ignored the dungeon’s safety and comfort masters, throughout her participation in the popular demonic musical sex ritual she was attending with her partner.”

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:slight_smile: Nice. I trust @Mindysan33, @Kii, and you on that. Thank you al for your input.

Then I am glad she isn’t held to higher standards, and equally annoyed she isn’t held to the same standard. Now wouldn’t THAT BE NICE?

To be clear:

Emphasis added for clarification.

Honestly, I’m not clutching any pearls. I was just not confident that men would get an equal (media and comments) treatment. Not specifically on BB and the BBS, but in general. I felt uncomfortable enough myself to question if I would better not “like” the first couple of comments here?

That’s why I asked. And I got very good answers, thank y’all:

Happy Season 5 GIF by The Office


If there is one thing that gets repressed boys excited it’s the possibility of handies!

People who have experience booking Republican politicians for speaking events know that if you make your reservation in the immediate fallout of a major scandal you can usually get at least 30% off their normal rates. It’s like booking a vacation to Florida in the wake of a major hurricane.


So, pretty much constantly, with this current crew, eh?
They’re reducing inflation one speaking gig at a time.
One might even say Boebert is reducing inflation by encouraging inflation…


I read this and thought, “good joke”, but apparently you are right on the money.

"According to the New York Post, Gallagher is a registered Democrat, and Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar is a gay-friendly bar that hosted “a winter Wonderland Burlesque & Drag Show” back in January, per an invitation advertising the event on social media. In 2020, the bar also hosted events for Aspen Gay Ski Week, according to Facebook posts unearthed by the Post. The tabloid reported that Boebert and Gallagher have been “dating under the radar for months.”


I think her date owes the public a couple of apologies too.


Again, do you really think that pointing her utter hypocrisy is slut shaming… really?

Lookj… Some of the people who seem upset about Lauren Boebert being called out on her hypocrisy don’t seem to spend much time in the thread about misogyny, for example. So, if people are concerned about the treatment of women, it seems to me that people would spend time educating themselves via a thread like that or contributing to it, asking the women who regularly post stories there questions about it… I don’t see much of that from some of the posters who are all of a sudden oh so concerned over our apparently shitty treatment of Boebert… :woman_shrugging:


It makes me wonder what she was vaping. Are there any kind of “medicinal herbal” vapes which cause short term memory loss?


She’s just lyin’.


Just like Ambien doesn’t ‘cause’ someone to be racist, neither does cannabis nor tobacco ‘cause’ anyone to be a human dumpster fire.



That’s what boot-cut jeans are for.